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But one don't get one freeeeeeeee.

This was my second visit to spec savers with in a year (Specsavers Byres Road Glasgow). After 6mths i could not use the glasses given as they were not suitable for its purpose so decided as i use a lot of spreadsheets i had to get new ones. I went to the shop got eye test did need a new prescription for glasses (vary-focal s needed) a young girl served me after discussing on what deal was best i just got one pair of glasses as i was advised it would cost me just as much to put lens in my old glasses as get second pair ( which later turned out to be wrong). So ordered my glasses went to collect them ( vary-focal s with tinted lens and anti glare) within the week got them tried on a left feeling quite pleased. Now a week later i was out with my daughter shopping who looked at me in horror and said " mum whats going on with your glasses". What you mean. Only one of my tints was working on my glasses. We went straight to the shop to see about it. The manager looked disappointed and said would get it sorted (no apology) a few days later i was struggling at work to see spreadsheets and called into see if my lens had arrived (which it didn't) so i ordered another pair as this seemed sensible after my encounter and was offered tinted lens again and informed they owed me back money and gave me anti glare as a complimentary deal due to the mistake made, so i took my glasses back as i needed them and they would contact me when the lens arrived. So walking about several times over the week i forgot about the tint and would ware them out and only seeing the look on peoples faces i released and was very embarrassed about being caught out with my glasses. I went back and the shop to check lens was there ( no contact from shop) and it was not but the manager said i was to pay for my tint because i already had them offered with my first glasses, made me being a bit confused. I said sorry i was told this was a complimentary offer ( as i mixed up what he was meaning tinted or anti glare) so he said he would see the girls. I went back a few days later to see if my spare glasses where ready ( no one had contacted me) but no tint as offered. i informed the lady in the shop at that time i was offered the tint that was owed to me due to the amount of money spent on my original glasses ( £295) and was told i would have to speak to the manager. I called back to do so in the arranged day. The manager was not there his under manager was and as i gave my ordeal that i was offered the tinted lens i wasn't even bothered wither i had it or not but there were different people telling me different things. The girl said this was not what was said ( basically calling me a liar) which i was enraged with as informed that i had not been given what i was offered i received glasses after paying £295 for with one tinted lens and one with anti glare with lens then had to walk about with these glasses on till a new lens came and suffer humiliation to receive another pair of glasses that i was given with not what was offered to me then i was called a liar at the end of it all. My experience totally sickened my about this shop and would never use it again. There is absolutely no customer service skills at all and no apology given at any time for may experience. I was totally drained by all the going back and forward to them and explaining my self again and given different information. I hope no one else will ever have to face the same experience as i did. This should not be a traumatizing experience to get a pair of glasses.

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