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If you want reliable internet, don't look here.

If you want internet to occasionally order something online, Talktalk may be a good choice for you. If you're in a household that uses the internet frequently, likes to stream, download, play or anything of the kind, don't go for Talktalk. I have found the internet is usually fine in the middle of the day but at peak times it frustrates you over and over again. Basically, if you want to use Talktalk to a reasonable extent, hope it's sunny outside and everyone is enjoying the fresh air.
Customer service is bad and it's a small miracle if what you rung up for is actually resolved. Unless I see dramatic improvements with the broadband I won't be renewing again, as the internet being almost useless between 4pm-12pm is ridiculous, something of which NEVER happened on Tiscali.
I have also had about 5 occasions where the internet has gone down area wide, sometimes for days, this is really bad for my household as we are regularly selling and wanting to buy items on Ebay.
You may get lucky with Talktalk and the service works brilliantly for you but I do not think customers should have to be lucky, 3/10 stars as average from this page explains it all, does it now? My internet cut off whilst trying to write this post, how Ironic.

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