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EE Review - Avoid at all cost

We topped up 2 mobile accounts to over £20 each to buy unlock codes for 2 old iphones, the Indian support centre support told us if we did that the phones would be unlocked within 2 weeks, despite numerous phone calls and even a text confirming it they have decided that they won't unlock the phones with the most ridiculous excuses.

EE customer service is a joke, they never sort anything out and add delay tactics and excuse not to do anything.

On PAYG they offer so called free add ons which seem to get randomly activated if you're lucky, they are always delayed to try and get you to drain your credit by thinking the add on is on the account when its not, a despicable tactic.

If you want to use the Orange/EE network due to coverage in your area I suggest you move to vectonemobile, they offer PAYG with great bundles and 30 day rolling contracts if you prefer that.

Don't be duped by EE 4G nonsense, O2 and Vodafone are now rolling out a joint network which will have far better coverage than EE will ever have and Three are going to be offering 4G at no extra cost.


Orange THE worst mobile company in the UK

Orange is so bad I've already moved my business account but trying to get my kids PAYG phones off is near impossible. They refuse to take a £20 payment to provide an iphone unlock code and insist you credit the account with over £20. All of a sudden the account is under £20 again but with no explanation in the online billing or from the appalling Indian support centre so we go round in a circle again. Unlock codes for 2 phones were requested on 29th June, they never took the payment from the account and never provided the unlock, when I rang in today and asked, one phone had been requested but the credit had mysteriously dropped?? The other phone they just did nothing, its just a ploy to force you to keep topping up the account to over £20 but they never unlock the phones, the whole system is unworkable and all they want is to sell their EE 4G nonsense.




Virgin Atlantic

Rock Star Service? I guess Rock Stars Don't Expect Much

For 8 years I have flown with Virgin Holidays / Virgin Atlantic, there is always a fiasco with them with seat allocation at Orlando because the ignorant Americans re-arrange the seating plan of the flight. This year it was worse than ever, coupled with a 2 hour delay. We pre-allocated our seats as usual which is always fine the Gatwick end but at Orlando we were refused our pre-allocated seats. It seems at Orlando they have someone who moves the whole seating plan of the plane around to what they think is best and over riding the whole pre-allocation. Usually they will re-allocate the seats back at check in but this year a flat refusal by the lazy Americans who refused to do anything. All they offered me was a complaint form which I hastily ripped in half and through back at them as they never respond anyway.

My 13 and 14 year old are now adults according to Virgin but they refused them alcohol on the plane, adults when it comes to extorting money eh!

"Rock Star Service" as they call it, this is what you get:-

Delayed Flights
Disgusting Food
Tatty Planes
Seat pre-allocation ignored
An argument at checking
Adult prices for kids

Apparently they are going to start charging for seat allocation so this will make it even worse!


Fake reviews and killed genuine reviews waste of time

I spent ages wrting an EXACT account of terrible service I received from a company, within 10 minutes of writing the 1 star review it was removed and during the evening a flurry of new users all wrote 5 star reviews with a couple of lines of text, which are obviously fake.

What a complete waste of time (and money if you're having to pay for this).

All truspilot has managed to do is allow the worst businesses to make out they are 5 star super good companies by removing genuine reviews and allowing fakes to be added.

I guess that's what you get when you pay a company to publish reviews.

Having written a review and seen it disappear I now understand what is going on, any website using Truspilot is doing it because of the amount poor reviews it is trying to deflect and hide, it is a tool being paid for to try and give a fake impression, in no way does it reflect the true quality of the business and is therefore useless.

From now on I will definitely change my shopping habits to try and use websites that DO NOT use Trustpilot.

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26 November 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Andy,

Thanks for writing a review.

What happened to your review was that it got reported. Any user or company can do that if they think the review violates our guidelines. As mentioned via email our Community Support team investigates all reported cases carefully. There’s always at least two versions of a story and we need some time to collect information before we make any conclusions.

We have looked into your original review, and it is available again.

I can't deny the fact that some companies systematically report any negative feedback. If we see that happening we usually solve the issue by explaining to the company how negative feedback should be managed.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev


Shockingly bad, worst company I have ever dealt with!!

Ordered a Yaesu VX-8DE before cut off time on Tuesday, no sign of progress by Thursday so rang up to ask what was happening, got a load of excuses and I requested a despatch date, none was forthcoming but was told someone would be in touch.

Nothing heard all afternoon so email in asking for confirmation of when it will be despatched or request order cancelled. No reply!

Phone back in, girls on phone are useless just say they don't know anything, at this point I told them if no despatch date could be emailed to me by COP Thursday the order was to be cancelled.

24 hours on, no response at all, so I emailed in an order cancellation, no reply!

Its clear they don't actually stock Yaesu products, most likely they don't actually stock anything at all even though they list them as "In Stock". Why they couldn't provide a despatch date beggars belief, if they were drop shipping it should have been a simple request, unless they are about to go under and Yaesu won’t ship??

So I have been forced to leave it in the hands of Paypal with a dispute.

No doubt there will be a load of excuses posted in response but its too little too late, all I wanted was a dispatch date or a refund, they failed to provide either.

10 minutes after writing this review, 7:30PM on a Friday, they closed the Paypal dispute by refunding the payment.

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03 December 2012

Reply from Proviation Pilot Shop

We have been in touch with Andy over this and explained that we couldn't get this out to him on time last week due to a non-delivery of the unit from the distributors. We are authorised to sell Yaesu with a wide portfolio of Yaesu products.

We are in a very busy period, but try to answer emails within 24 hours. We encourage customers to make use of our live chat feature on the website, which is a good way to get in touch immediately.

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