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SANTANDER have made me £6000 overdrawn

Last November Santander made a major error where they've closed an account in the joint names of my Mother (decease) and my father, told me that it was a dormant account in my Nan's name (decease) and paid the money into my account.

Believing in good faith what they told me was true, I've spent the money. 5 months later my Dad tried to access his account only to be told they'd closed it. Santander reinstated his account and returned the funds.

Yesterday (maurndy Thursday) they took £6000 out of my bank account making me £6000 overdrawn. They gave me less than 1 weeks notice on what they were planning to do.

As soon as I received their letter on Monday, I spent a hour on the phone to them trying to raise a complaint ticket. I emailed them on Tuesday with all the details highlighting their gross incompetence which they ignored. The email instructed them not to take any funds out of my account.

Everyday this week I called then each phone call over an hour, and they told me someone would call me back before 6, no one ever did. For 4 days no one would take responsibility for their error. Only at 6pm last night did I get the name of the person looking into it.

My account is now £6000 overdrawn, racking up charges everyday.

Santander are one of the useless, most incompetence banks that has ever existed.

I urge anyone planning on opening an account with Santander. DO NOT DO IT. IF THEY CAN UNLAWFULLY TAKE MONEY OUT ON MY ACCOUNT, THEY CAN DO IT TO YOU.

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Great value, and really professional

I found the bed warehouse really professional. I bought a 3' single bed for my son. The 1st bed I ordered was damaged when they received it, they phoned me up and let me know, and rearrange a suitable delivery time. Their delivery man also help me the bed upstairs to my sons room.

The bed I received from them was get value for the price. My son seems to be sleeping more better now, so I'm really happy.

Great work guys!

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