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Taking over the world

Tesco just seem to be into everything at the expense of other businesses with a better grip on customer service. OK some deals and 'offers' now and again to tempt me in but so many other items not so cheap and products on display which I feel belong in specialist shops not in a supermarkets. Also - so often, prices and offers completely wrongly displayed and when you point the errors out to staff, they seem either dis-interested or are just too dim to see the error .
I also worry when a supermarket can know your name and address details from your car number plate. I thought only the police were allowed to know that information.( Had a telling off for being parked in their car park whilst supporting a fund raising car boot sale , actually authorised by them on a bank holiday whilst store was closed ) Much too powerful. I'll spread my shopping about and keep as much of it local ( not Tesco Local) . But thanks for the cheap wine deals ( if they are not pre-inflated ones)
Oh - and just in passing... I'm sick of past its veg and fruit being bad quality .Often sold in the prebagged packs. Recently had 3 rotten onions in a pack. Could have gone back and complained but now made the decision to buy elsewhere - like a local greengrocer. Give them a chance and pay a few pence more . Maybe they can do better business and take on some ex-Tesco staff.


Economical service. Easy to use.

We have used Interparcel for over a year now and have found the rates to be very reasonable and the choice of level of service in terms of delivery times to be good ( depending on which carrier is allocated the collection / delivery). Collections are always made within the timeframe advised and so far, delivery has been without any problems. Let's hope it continues that way. Perhaps the only gripe is the additional insurance cover costs which could be a bit lower in my opinion.

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