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Great machine once I got it working..

I was very impressed with the level of customisation I could choose for the machine. was also very impressed with the build progress tracking and the dispatch speed.

However I was very upset to discover that despite the machine being "tested" that when I got it home I could not run any games because the driver for the radeon 7970 was not installed correctly. I could not find a way to make the graphics card activate or anywhere to download the software.

The disc of driver software I was sent was for Windows 7 not Windows 8 and I couldn't even use that. When I called support they even said they knew the disc was for Windows 7 and incompatible! I eventually got sent a link for a driver download but by then I was very disenchanted by the whole experience. What exactly gets tested if it is not the graphics card and actual running of the laptop?

I'm a computer scientist as a profession and I found the experience distressing - I can't imagine how someone less technical would feel! I was very upset at paying all that money for the machine then not being able to play any games on it.

Rather than being very happy with an excellent new machine, I was frustrated and disappointed.

I was going to buy a machine for my other half from this site, but I certainly will not be coming back now and would not recommend it to anyone else in future.

27 November 2012

Reply from PC Specialist

Dear Valerie Gibson,

We are sorry to hear you had a problem with the driver, we can only presume this was corrupted as the QC report and burn tests show it passed with flying colours when here, we are glad to hear by phoning our support line and re-installing the driver it has solved your problem.

We can only supply the driver CD that the manufacturers supply us with sadly, as this particular laptop chassis was released months and months before Windows 8 they didn’t include drivers for that OS - please try and think of it when a game is released - the game has bugs, patches are released, these patches are not on the original game disk, they have to be downloaded and installed - while I agree that you shouldn’t have had to do this straight out of the box installing an updated driver is part and parcel of owning a PC and should not be a distressing experience - if this was the case we can only apologise.

Please let us know if we can help any further by emailing

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