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Return Items Scam!

Think carefully before using Selco as there return policy is a scam, they charge restock fee 15% My cow boy builder used them, over ordered stock as it wasnt his money and after spending £4k I was stunned when returning a few things back how they charged me a handling fee, even though I returned it myself and even offered to restock it for them! To add insult there prices when VAT is included is the same as B&Q in fact B&Q offer free bulk delivery and have a no hassle return policy. Never again Selco, your right when you say your only for trade builders, cow boy builders attitude included with there staff, they talk rough, tattoos on just awful.


Good When Its Running, Bad When It Doesnt!!!!!!

I been with them almost a year, the problems happen when you go from auto top up for goodybags to manual, the system hates it! Once your goodybag expires they penalize you by making you wait 24hours before you can choose another goodybag, the hint is purchase it well before your current bag expires or go direct debit, or wait 24hrs!
The agents are useless, system outrages happens a lot once every quarter was almost common. The community bunch are ok but they are geared up for commissions hence why they try to help you out with the basics.
The unlimited internet is a marketing gimmick its NOT unlimited as they advertise it, they have a fair usage limit and a lot of members have been barred as they thought it was unlimited lol!
I couldnt put up with there inconsistent service, i want them to take my money but they wont!!! Anyway my reason for leaving is because Tesco doing exactly the same deal i was on for £5.00 less lol, finally i can move somewhere else for cheaper and have better service :)
Finally opinion is GiffGaff is ok for short term stop gap between waiting for a latest phone on contract when you are out of contract and do not wish to renew but want to keep your number and handset until the latest handsets are in market. Thats what im doing or was doing until GiffGaff messed that up and thankfully Google helped me to find Tesco Sim Only deals.

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Interlink Express

How Can Next Day Delivery On £1200 Laptop Go Missing From The Whole Sytem?

What a dreadful experience from Interlink Express, purchased a laptop from eBay powerseller, they send it on next day delivery at start of business on 22nd November and then from onwards its been a nightmare. Getting lied to over phone i had enough and went direct to Leeds Depot, then they lied to my face, just great, read the email i sent to the seller on eBay, trust me he is looking to cancel his cantract with them as he sells hundreds of laptop.


Courier: Interlink Express Next Day Delivery Sent 22nd November 2012
Parcel Number: XXXXXXXX
Consignment Number: XXXXXXX

This email is for our records to establish communication between us just in case things go further, this is required by me from both Paypal and the credit card company.

As explained over the phone according to Interlink Express local depot in Leeds, they have no idea as to where the laptop is. When questioned why is it showing on there tracking system its in the Leeds depot, they gave the explanation it could be the sticker fell off during sortation and transferred to another parcel! I laughed at this explanation and said to the Leeds depot personnel is it possible someone took the label off after it arrived in Leeds depot and they said yes, but highly unlikely, this means because the parcel did not have any external packaging the would be thief knew it was a expensive laptop and took it. When asked to double check warehouse they said they have and its not there, they also said it could be with one of there drivers but most don't scan parcels anyway so there is no way of knowing if the drivers have it in there van or not, but one thing is for sure, the last place to be scanned is in Leeds depot warehouse, someone from the depot is responsible, but the depot is not admitting this and saying it could be in Birmingham, hence the theory of label re-attaching to another parcel.

I would like to make you aware after Googling Interlink Express i found a review site and apparently they have VERY bad reviews consistently and therefore urge you to rethink your business with them, please see this link:

Based on the above reviews and the attitude of Interlink Express i am under the impression the parcel is stolen within the confinements of Interlink Express and hence you will have to go through there compensation route. I can appreciate today being Saturday the 24th November 2012 and nothing can be done over weekend. I have been chasing this parcel since Friday the 23rd November 2012 each time visiting the depot as they was basically fobbing me off over the phone.

I have a feeling Interlink Express will be dragging this on, it may be better to send replacement anyway and "if" they find your item they can send it back to you. I will be making a formal complaint regarding them and also adding a negative review, therefore from my side i have done everything possible and hopefully by providing you the feedback of my investigation you can take it further from hear and use this email for your enquiries.

If resending, PLEASE DO NOT USE INTERLINK EXPRESS, send via FEDEX or Royal Mail Special Delivery, please take steps to cover the parcel with external packaging as to hide the nature of the item so as to avoid temptations for potential theft, as you know yourself these things are very expensive if buying brand new.

Kind regards Mr XXXXXXXXX
Mobile: 078XXXXXXXXX

Basically thats what happened and the seller will be forced to give me replacement or refund thanks to Interlink Express who simply cant tell me where the item is, even with tracking system.

07 January 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Syed,

Can you please drop an email to with a contact phone number? We'd like to look into this matter for you to see if we can satisfactorily resolve this for you.

Kind regards,


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