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IntKeys Game Keys

This company should be shut down

I bought Borderlands 2 because it was a deal breaking price of $19. They sent me the key and then I tried using it only to find out it can't be activated on Steam and is therefore invalid. I tried contacting their customer support through their website and they did not answer back EVER (this was on Oct 29). I tried over and over to see if I typed the key wrong but it never worked. Then, I tried contacting them through their shoddy Skype support. I tried calling them at multiple times throughout the day on a weekday for time region purposes, and they never picked up.

After looking around a bit through other reviews and their website some more, I figured out this key needed to be activated through a Virtual Private Network. NOTE: This is an illegal act regarding Steam's User Agreement. Steam will ban you if you try to activate a key through a VPN. On Intkey's website, in their FAQ, they INDIRECTLY state that VPN activation is not illegal and then they go on to say INDIRECTLY how they get their games for us at such low prices. If an illegal activation can get you BANNED on the platform you have to play the game on, then IT IS CLEARLY ILLEGAL. Why would you even buy it if you can lose your account?

I tried running a dispute through PayPal and Intkeys responded (finally) and I told them the key was invalid. Then, they kept asking if the key was invalid and that it should work. But I kept telling them that it wasn't working. They kept asking the same questions, and wouldn't give me a refund. Seriously, they are the worst problem solvers ever. They have the absolute WORST customer service in existence. How are they still a company? They have made me hate them. I would NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. All they had to do was give me a refund, that was it. Any other company would have done just that and more to solve this issue and I would have returned to buy again. That is all that is needed to be a good company. But these guys do not know good customer service if it punched them in the face.

After they refused to give me a refund and didn't offer to help anymore, I escalated the dispute to a claim on PayPal explaining to PayPal representatives everything that has happened. After two weeks, they denied my claim and ruled in favor of Intkeys. PayPal will not help anyone in the case of a CD key. That is not their fault because it is their policy, but seriously, if they see a ton of claims put out on the same issue, wouldn't they look into it and help out the majority?

After looking more into this, I figured out that Intkeys is scamming people by trying to sell off the rest of their stock of Borderlands 2. See, they took advantage of the huge demand for Borderlands 2 by buying a gigantic stock of the game and selling it for a deal breaking price because of VPN activation. After Steam realized what was going on, they stopped any of those keys from working because it violates their rules. So now, Intkeys has tons of copies of Borderlands 2 that won't work. So basically they lowered the price even more to trick people into buying it so they can at least break even on their profits. They are selling a broken, illegal product. They don't care one bit about the customer. And they don't care about ethical business practices. They are a fraudulent company and should be shut down.

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