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Shocking wait time - a better name for this company is ''

I ordered some lights for our new place at Well, the price was OK, and the lights looked good, but quality unknown.

Well, we decided to order them anyway, placed the order on November 12th 2012… was never given any additional information about delivery date. Well, we just assumed it would probably take a couple of weeks.

2 weeks went pass, we had no update from, checked my email and logged in to see my order - wait for this…. expected delivery time (from its UK distribution centre, not to me) - FEB 18th 2013 !!!!!!

Good luck if you are ordering anything more complex than lights - I would say give it a wait time of 2 years !!!

Where are they making these things ? Mars ?

I am getting my refund first thing on Monday. I am not sure why anyone would place an order if they showed the delivery information at the time when we placed an order!

My first time - and last time using this 'service'.

You know what - they should change the website to ''

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