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Trustpilot is untrustworthy

I recently wrote a review for a site which I had a bad experience with, but a little while after publishing the review it was reported and removed from the site. I have read the guildlines and my review doesn't seem to violate them, which makes me think that the site I was reviewing may have reported it themselves. On Trustpilot there are also a lot of positive reviews for the site, while most other review sites show a lot of negative feedback. It is pretty clear that there are a lot of fake reviews for not just the site I was reviewing, but many others as well.

The idea of Trustpilot is good, but a lot more work needs to be done to prevent fake reviews and unfair reporting of reviews.

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29 November 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello James,

Thanks for taking time to give us feedback.

As Trustpilot is an open review platform where anyone can read and write reviews about companies they buy from, we have various processes in place to ensure the quality. Among the most important ones is reporting of reviews. Any company or consumer can report a review that they think violates our guidelines. The review is temporarily removed and our community support is currently looking into the case. When the review has been examined, it will either get back online or it will be removed permanently.

In rare cases we experiences companies who systematically report any negative review. Usually, we can prevent this from happening by explaining more about how Trustpilot works and how their actions are perceived by their customers.

I hope that explains more about why reporting of reviews is necessary.

Joakim Ditlev


Key didn't work and they refused to replace/refund

About a year ago I purchased a game key from this site, but when I tried to activate it I was told that the code was invalid. I contacted the sites support, but they were not very helpful. For more than a week I was constantly emailing them asking for help or a refund/replacement but they wouldn't do anything and became very rude. I eventually became tired of their behavior and I started a PayPal dispute. Because of this dispute they banned me from the site and I was unable to get my money back.

The site seems to have a lot of positive reviews on here, so I guess when they keys do work the site is great. But, in my experience, when something goes wrong they are unwilling to help. I will never purchase anything from them again, and I wouldn't recommend others doing so either.

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12 December 2012

Reply from PC Media PTE LTD

We always help and respond within the 24 hour SLA, considering you are commenting and reviewing after 1 year maybe you think things have changed since then correct?

anyway sorry for your 1 bad experience from over a year ago we have a lot more staff now and have strict SLA's in place. Sure we will dispute any chargeback or dispute on paypal if we think the information submitted was false as it normally is.



Codes always sent immediately!

I have purchased game keys from this site twice and both times I have received the code within seconds of paying. They generally always have the lowest price as well. I have no complaints about the site!

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