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Couriers Lie and Then Take It Out On A Childs Xmas Present.

Well, I waited in all day to wait for their courier to collect my parcel. My parcel was a large kitchen toy for my 1 and a half year old niece for Christmas. 5pm came, we were all sat in the living room with the dog and my husband popped up stairs when I heard him pop back down and ask, 'Can I help you?'. I opened the living room door to find the courier stood there writing out the card. He retorted, 'Well I rang the door bell 3 times and knocked twice and no one answered!'. This we were all very surprised to hear as we were in a room adjacent to the hallway with the dog and none of us heard. Not even the dog who would bark.

So on testing the door bell and checking it worked by going through to the kitchen to see if we could still hear it the courier begrudgingly signed for our parcel and trundled off. He was lying and he knew we knew it. I then sent off an email to My Hermes telling them about his unacceptable behaviour and I was told he would be dealt with accordingly. 7 days passed and the parcel still hadn't been delivered. I contacted My Hermes on the telephone this time and the man I spoke to told me he would contact my couriers field manager as it appears the courier failed to pass on my parcel as I had complained about him. He said he would ring me back in the afternoon or the next day to let me know about my parcel.

None of this has happened. I am now writing another email to My Hermes to hopefully get this sorted or my compensation for my nieces Xmas present. I think it's disgusting that anyone, despite if they've complained about you, could destroy a little girls Christmas present, and yes it stated on the label that it was that. It makes me sick and it infuriates me. So DON'T, I repeat, DON'T USE MY HERMES. As the couriers they use are dishonest crooks who couldn't give a monkeys about your custom. They will destroy or keep your parcel, they will lie and it just isn't worth it. Use Royal Mail or Parcel Force, even if they are more expensive as it isn't worth the risk for the lower price.

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