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Left me hanging

Not sure what to say. This was my first time in using a non-post office carrier and it wasn't great. Indeed, the only good thing about it was the refund which was quick and no quibble. I'd ordered my parcel to be picked up between 12 and 6, a pretty big window, and I was in just over an hour before that to make sure. Anyway, obviously he didn't arrive, so I sent a snarky email and got an instant refund and reply. Apparently the courier arrived at 10.30 and the email said that the times are just estimates... Fine, I'm prepared to cut a little slack, but I don't think an hour and a half before the pick up time is within an acceptable range of giving someone some slack. After all if the times are that inaccurate, then why give them at all? Anyway, I'm a private individual so maybe the exact time is more important to me as I needed to know when I had to be in. I guess if it was from a business address then you'll probably be in all of the time, so maybe it'll be okay for you. Anyway, I won't be using them again and I can't say about their delivery speed because it didn't apply to me.

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