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Broken PC - Got it fixed, enough said.

I purchased my Packard Bell desktop PC back in August 2010, Got the Whatever Happens service on this and used it until it faulted only a few days later. Went back to the store and had a nice chat and they replaced it on the spot (helps not to shout at the people behind the desk, they are human afterall). Since then i've been happily using my PC for over 2 years until recently it developed a fault with the Ethernet port. Now i know a fair bit about computers and made sure that the fault didn't lie with something stupid like cable being unplugged etc. I called up the KNOWHOW Whatever happens service and booked it in for repair, again, no shouting down the phone i just talked to the person like a normal human being and said what i tried and that i would like it booked in for repair. It got booked in with no issues and was collected the other day. Now i know alot of people bitch and moan about how they REALLY need their laptop for business or whatever perverted crap they do, but if you didn't want to wait a maximum of 21 days, then you should of gotten the premium service, which includes a loan laptop and cuts the repair to a guaranteed 7 days (includes Sundays). I've since got my PC back and had no issues with it so far. Another thing for all the people bitching and moaning about the service..Imagine what would of happened if the PC broke and you didn't have any insurance. But anyway i would recommend this company since ive had no issues with them and i doubt i will since i'm smarter than most people on this review site.

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