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Doesn't take care to vet restaurants on its site - BEWARE!

I ordered a pizza through HungryHouse at around 22:07 on 25th November with Peri Peri, Colchester. There was free delivery on orders over £10, as the website asks for your postcode, and Peri Peri popped up as delivering to that postcode, I thought "great". The order email came through 'pending' then 'accepted' as usual.

Some 20 minutes later, I received a phone call from the restaurant, announcing that as I was "far away" this would incur a delivery charge of £5 (on a £12 order). I said I would like to cancel the order, but the restaurant would not do this, saying that they couldn't.

I think this is basically extortion - to accept the order, then telephone refusing to either deliver or cancel, unless more money is paid. I would urge HungryHouse to take more care in which restaurants are allowed onto its site, as Peri Peri are clearly a bunch of cowboys.

I am still waiting to get my money back. No food was ever delivered. Poor.

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