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so far so brilliant

After using various courier firms the last being parcel monkey (it really is all in the name 5 parcels 5 muckups) finding parcel hero really was a saviour. Have sent a few things now with absolutely no problem what so ever. Same day collection (which I thought was a printing error until ups turned up to collect a couple of hours after placing the order) it is early days yet but am very happy with the service so far.


Every dog has its day

I have a lifetime 49.99 membership on ebid which I have had for over a yr sales are slow but I live in the hope that one day people will realise how much of a scam ebay is and start coming over to ebid, I am sure it will go viral at some point until that day we live in hope :)
Using the site can be a little cluttered but since the new update things have improved immensely.
Personally I think the lifetime membership is an investment for the future.

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Ebay is not for small businesses

Having traded on ebay for several years with 100% FB I have to say that ebay and their rules for sellers are getting more and more ridiculous by the month.
We as sellers should be free to sell our stock as we see fit and not be dictated by an external company on how we should do this then be given a bonus (which is becoming more and more unobtainable) when we do as were told.
One gripe that really grinds my gears is the fact that a Buy it Now is still classed by ebay as an auction and as such you are not allowed in ebays eyes to then advertise this item anywhere else, if you do and get reported for it they then lock your account and force you to sit a tutorial on how to tow the line before they unlock your account,basically put the D hat on and sit in the corner.
I do not view ebay as an income revenue but more as an advertising portal which when viewed as such helps with swallowing the ebay fees.
If you are starting a business dont expect to make a fortune.

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No problems here

Never had any problems, on simplicity plan £20pm good deal, good coverage,only complaint for not having 5* when abroad if you switch phone on while voicemail is active you get charged abroad rates for not answering calls. I guess all the companies do this still a shock to see the bill at end of month though 8-0


change of ratingfrom 4 stars to 2. Well never use them again

Changed the rating to 2 stars. Courier took the parcel for delivery then 1 week later the customer contacted me to let me know that the parcel had not been delivered. After calling my local depot in Nursling I was told the parcel was oversize and they can't deliver it. I asked them to bring it back as the courier in that case should not have taken it. I was told that it wasn't possible to bring it back as it was oversize.! It was 20cm3 oversize and have sent much larger packages before. They gave me some waffle about machinery getting blocked etc.
When I went to collect it I was told by a worker that they wouldn't use myhermes and the bit about machinery was BS. Not happy hermes but hey ho you grown in size and have forgotten who got you there. Yes the same ones who will put you down!

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