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Brilliant and versatile streaming service

Originally payed for the service so that my son could watch TV in his room from his xbox. App installed relatively simply and after initial problems getting it to work on the way the setup works in the parental control settings on the xbox, we were away.

Now we all use netflix all the time because of the number of great films, documentaries and box sets on there. Sure there are things you'd like to see on there that aren't but the range of stuff to watch is so wide, you can always find something, and for the price of £5.99 a month there's little to complain about.

Overall, really impressed and would recommend it. We frequently due to 'conflicts of interest' are watching three different things on various devices or TV's.


Very helpful and polite staff

Intending to make a significant purchase (at least for me), i looked at several companies online reviews before contacting TVbeds.

My buyer experience was outstanding with Chris spending time on the phone listening to our requirements before making some recommendations on the mattress and bed that would suit us best within our budget.

The order was placed and with Christmas looming we expected delivery in the new year. This is where the only problem I encountered was. The order was ready for delivery in the first week of January and had been collected by their delivery sub contractors. As I work at least an hour away from where I work and sometimes have to travel, I needed to know what day the delivery was going to take place so that I could make sure I was available and our old bed could be removed from the bedroom ready. I had stated that there was only one day where I was unable to be there, and that was the day that was requested for delivery. A bit frustrating but after a few messages, the day was moved and the bed delivered by a couple of friendly and cheerful guys who were very helpful.

The bed is of excellent quality and very sturdy, while the mattress is wonderfully comfortable and slept soundly on the first night.

I would definitely recommend TVBeds for excellent quality service, advice and products and would not have hesitated giving 5 stars without the hassle of trying to be helpful by arranging the delivery when I could be there.


Some good staff if you can find them

Dealing with pets at home over the years through their various name changes has been a bit of a mixed bag of experiences, but generally if you find the right member of staff, they are extremely helpful.

This was the experience at my local store when there was an online offer on which was not in the store. The staff member suggested that i did a click and collect on the internet store to save myself 20% on the store price. I had to wait a few minutes for them to receive the order, but saved £20 in the process.

To be fair, when I had a problem with some fish I bought from them, they were pretty good about supplying free of charge treatment for them to remove the parasites they had, but I would be very careful in future to check any livestock bought.


Game Manager blunt and rude

In this day and age where the high street is dying and internet sales are increasing every year, you would think that to retain custom, high street retailers would up their game on their customer service.

Not at game! I took my son's xbox 360 to exchange as he wasn't using it. It was an xbox elite with an upgraded 250gb hard drive, not the original 120gb which I stated to the sales assistant who greeted me. The manager butted in and said, we can't take it as it's not the original.

The upgraded hard drive is an official microsoft product and fail to see how this cannot be exchanged. Not only was this a ridiculous situation which upset my son, the manner of the manager was disgraceful. The sales assistant was clearly embarresed and was apologetic when the manager went into the back room.

What leadership example is that to set to their staff.

An email to game customer service was answered four days later saying that the area manager would discuss with the store manager and get back to me. Good job i didn't hold my breath as I'm still waiting 6 months later.

No wonder they have been in administration with a lack of ability to retain custom in an increasingly competitive area of business.

I used to shop there frequently, never again!

Just the Job

I have purchased two items from ebuyer now, along time apart.

Both have arrived swiftly and well packaged and have been exactly as described. I have not had any call to use their customer service line, but have been very happy with the service I have received on both occasions.

07 December 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive comments regarding your experiences with Ebuyer.

I am happy to hear both of your orders have arrived safely and as described.

If you do have any queries about our products or any of your orders, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Halfrauds Couldn't Care Less Customer Care

I bought a couple of bulb upgrades for my wife's car from Halfords Redditch and for the hassle of fitting them paid for the two to be fitted.
This car is awkward to fit the headlamp bulbs to so I thought I was saving myself grief.

A later that day there was condensation inside both headlamps so I called the store and arranged to go back the next day. Same guy came out and fiddled for a while and said everything was fine.

Condensation kept on appearing in the nearside lamp, but halfrauds insisted that the bulb had been fitted correctly. After taking the bumper off to investigate, the back plate to the headlamp had not been fitted correctly, allowing water to get inside resulting in a new headlamp being required, for the sake of saving me an hour, it cost me over 70 pounds for a new headlamp.

Would they pay up for the replacement, no, despite photos of when I was taking the bumper off. No responsibility for the incorrect fitment of the bulb, point blank refusal to pay for on contribute to the replacement headlamp.

Never, ever again will I use them. You couldn't trust them to fit a wheel to your wheelie bin.

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