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Benefit of the doubt? Won't be doing that again

Well, what can I say? I read through most of the comments here but I decided to give 'First Utility', the benefit of the doubt. Having worked in the industry, I felt that if I did have any issues, I'd know exactly what to ask and say to resolve them, I mean, how bad can they be? (feels like Jeremy Clarkson)

Electric switched over on 20th Nov as expected, gas due to come over on 30th Nov, very little feedback as to how the switch was progressing so had to contact them to find out what was going on, fun begins, to much to go into, suffice to say, they couldn't be less interested. On explaining just how long I had been on hold, was told they were very busy with new customers signing up (ok) and that I was holding up the line, too now (What!?!?) Was interested that I was one of those new customers, just told me, if I didn't like it, I could have always chosen someone else, said they were a small company and it wasn't fair to compare them to the big six.
There is so much more to this conversation but this was only the beginning.

Last night, my worried better half tells me that First Utility has already drawn the first payment, just six days after taking the electric and haven't even taken the gas yet.
Can't get hold of customer care so found another complaints number. got through to [Name] on (so-called) complaints

When I mention the DD going out, was told it was because I was a new customer and they all went out on the 23rd. When I pointed out that I'd asked for the DD to be set for 1st of the month, now told, can't do that and we'd never say that to any customer, we don't have that facility, pretty much told me I was lying.
It seems, they only give you a choice of a few fixed dates to choose from, rather different from what I was advised much earlier in the switch before they took first supply.

Just like their customer service line, [Name] couldn't be less interested, just kept telling me that if I wanted to complain, would have to call the normal number (that nobody can get through to)

Several times, she just went completely quiet, refused to even talk, I wasn't abusive, a little short possibly. I felt as if she was just sitting there, quietly yawning to herself as she faces yet another complaint she couldn't handle.

I'm really worried now, not just for me but because I recommended a friend who I'd help switch many years back to Atlantic as I did, and for the most part, we were both happy. He's not worried right now, not too bothered about the DD going out so early but I'm worried this is just the start and he's a really good friend and I know that friendships can be broken through things like this. I did warn him about the reviews I read but felt it was worth giving them a chance, I feel this may turn out to be one of the most costly mistakes I've ever made, not just financially.

Please, please, listen to EVERY one off these comments and ask, could you handle it if things went wrong, thought with my experience, I could, just couldn't possibly foreseen the completely lack of customer care on the part of this sham.
Feel physically sick :(

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