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Interlink Express

The words I want to use aren't acceptable in polite company

Same shoddy company as DPD, same shoddy service

8 times in a row now they've claimed someone wasn't at my address - they lied
8 times they claimed they left a card - they lied

The last 4 times I logged onto the website the day before the delivery, and left explicit instructions as to where my property was, and to phone when the driver inevitably didn't find it - They ignored those instructions.

DO NOT USE, ever, under any circumstances. This is by far the most badly organised excuse for a company, of *any* type, that I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

The only thing in life that I regret more than having an item delivered by interlink/DPD is the fact that I can't leave them a review of -99 stars on this site.

09 January 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Kevin,

Really sorry to hear you have had these issues. I have just checked our system, and see that additional delivery instructions have been added to ensure things go smoothly on this occasion. The driver has also been given your phone number, in case he has any issues.

The parcel is due for delivery today between 14:52 and 15:52.

Please email if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,



Truly Appalling

My property is only 5 years old, and for the first year after living here some delivery companies had difficulty locating it. I made the correction on Google maps, and was sure to describe the location (and leave contact details) in delivery notes where possible. The issue cleared up after a while and now even Yodel manage to find us without problem. Cleared up for everyone except DPD that is!

It would seem that DPD use a sat-nav system which is woefully out of date. That wouldn't be so bad (as I said, it's a problem I'm used to), what really adds insult to injury is how the drivers then proceed on failing to locate us. DPD have my phone number (they texted me their 1hr delivery window), but seem to be physically unable to actually call me on said number and ask where I am. Instead, the driver will typically claim that nobody was home and note that I have a "white door" as proof that he/she was really here - this is a useless claim as almost every door on this road is white.

I try to phone DPD to ask why the tracking on their website claims I was not present, and am dumped into a phone menu system that I can only escape by repeatedly entering random numbers until transferred to a person. When this person contacts the driver (via his depot) it would seem that DPD hires people not fit to drive - as the driver is unable to recall if my property is detached, semi-detached or terraced, just that it had the fabled white door.

I give further details on how to find the property, and the operator suggests that the driver may be able to return via my property that afternoon. He'll call me back later to let me no if that's not possible. I receive no such call. Instead, at 16:30 I have to play the phone-menu game again, only to find out that everybody from the depot in question has already headed off to home early. I have to arrange re-delivery and the gift will now be late for my daughter's birthday. Not once have I been given the impression that anybody cares even a jot.

...and that was just one of 5 failed-delivery stories I have with DPD, all of them happening when there WAS SOMEONE AT HOME during the delivery window.

I now actively boycott companies who I know cannot provide an alternative to delivery via DPD, and will even phone them to explain why they've lost my business.

26 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry to hear that we've had issues in locating your address.

We have your phone number on our systems in order to send you SMS notifications on the status of your parcel, but we do not ordinarily use this number to contact customers.

Given that this is a repeat issue, I think it'd be good if we set up some sort of standing instruction on our internal systems to ensure successful delivery in the future.

I'm really keen to resolve this matter for you, so please drop me an email on with your parcel reference number, full address and a phone number.

Kind regards,


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