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I cannot argue with success

Listen, I am not a techie expert. I am a customer who has been ripped off, burned, ripped off again and raked over the coals. I learned my lesson(s) and went with Apple for my techie products (Mac comp, ipod, ipad, etc) and all I know is that they are superior products! I am probably only using 1/8 of what my Mac is capable of doing and I accept that. Have I been hacked, gotten a virus, lost my *$#%^ hard drive and all the files on it.....NO! My Mac is steady and true and gives me such a feeling of confidence and gratitude-yes, I'm grateful that I can expect--and receive super fast responsiveness, no glitches, pop ups, etc. and music at my fingertips---just really awesome, superior service from hot looking, sleek equipment. So keep your expert, arguing, bullying comments to yourselves, technotards--I don't want to hear it. I love my APPLE!


Beware-you will be on this site for hours!

I have died and gone to decorating heaven! Type in anything--lofts, for instance. Type that in and then be amazed at all those talented ppl out there who turn loft spaces into wonderlands. Type in rustic and then get hundreds and thousands of ideas on how to decorate your own home. Maybe you're really gifted at decorating? Then you can go on and answer questions that others post about what to do with their spaces. It's just a great give and take community and the design ideas will blow you away!


WalMart sucks

I'm sorry but I'm over the superstore concept. WalMart is always dirty, always cluttered and always filled with rude, mentally ill people. If I wanted that, I'd go work in the EMERGENCY ROOM! Sorry to sound so cynical and mean, but listen-I'm a reasonable, open minded and accepting person-but shopping at WalMart is always a bad experience. Always. There are never enough cashiers, most of them are rude or too talkative, the bathrooms are always dirty, the prices are NOT the best around and the stores smell curiously like armpits


Makes the dreaded Bibliography a breeze

Omg, this cite is a godsend! I'm back in school for my bachelor's in nursing and it's all papers, papers, papers! I swear they only care about whether or not we can write and you better believe it must be in perfect APA format--something that Knightcite does for you in a quick, easy way. All those spaces and commas are in perfect order-I love this site!~


getting CEUs is a huge pain in the rear--Medscape makes it easier

Thank you, thank you thank you! It's so easy to go online, read articles, learn something in the process and take tests to gain CEUs. In PA, we need 30 credit hours every 2 years, so Medscape makes that totally do-able and for that I am really grateful.


Need newer content

We liked Netflix at first-but geez, some of the movies we have to order and wait for are older and should be instant streaming! Great site if you are going back in time and catching all those mediocre movies you somehow missed, but really--it's so IRRITATING to get to the end of a TV series and still be 2-3 seasons behind. Seriously?! Get current, please-and your prices are going up, which is ridiculous. Get real or get out of the game is my advice. You started out great but now it's just so-so. Hulu beats you guys, hands down.

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Great prices, authentic products and FAST shipping!

I have sampled perfumes many times now from the Perfumed Court and it's been so useful to me! Most of the perfumes I'm interested in cost quite a bit of money-I have spent so much over the years on perfumes that just don't cut it--even if I try them on in a store, so many stores don't want to give you a sample and this is what you really need in order to make your decision. You can't just spritz it on in the store and whip out your credit card.
Thanks to the Perfumed Court, I have gotten decanted scents of some of the best perfumes in the world and been able to wear each a few times--enough to get compliments or complaints and enough for ME to decide whether I love it or not. I just recently bought 5 decants and have put on a different one each day--and I'll be now buying the one that my husband referred to as "pure sex"!!!
Thanks, TPC--you guys rock!


Just type in a location and start reading-real advice from real travellers.

I love this site! I use it for every trip I take to get a good overview of practical information regarding things like safety, where to go, what to see, what not to do, what to wear, etc. It's practical advice from people who have actually been there, or better yet, people who actually LIVE there!
I travel a lot with my children so it's of utmost importance to me to be vigilant and make sure we stay safe. Virtual Tourist is a huge help in this area. I love the site. There is also a great question and answer section where you can read questions that have been asked and the answers that were given, as well as ask questions yourself. If you've been to a place and happen to know a fair bit about it, you too can answer some of the questions yourself. It's just a great give and take site that is very useful when planning a trip somewhere.


Always better, faster and cheaper

I love Amazon! I have bought perfumes, makeup, furniture, linens, cat toys and collars, cat trees, cell phone accessories, my KINDLE! baby toys, books....the list goes on and on. Amazon is simply the best online shopping experience ever. I usually only buy from them-because they have excellent customer service. On the off chance that I buy from someone on Amazon and they screw up and don't respond-Amazon has taken care of that and done so in a timely fashion, too. This has only happened a few times, though-for the most part all of my purchases have been worry free and free super saver shipping rocks too!
The only thing I would change is their constantly emailing me with suggestions and 'bargains' which is unnecessary. I check in at least once a week to look at things I am interested in--I really hate this invasion of my privacy and this intrusive bossiness--not enough to knock off a star--because I do love you just that much, but it's enough to warn you that I will stop shopping with you if you don't stop bugging people in this fashion. Come on, you're AMAZON--a household name. Stop shilling, stick to the easy website design, great products, excellent customer service and just stop with all the blaring, glaring spamming, ok?


The only one I use

Kayak is one-stop shopping, in my opinion. I have found tickets on Kayak that my own travel agent cannot beat. I never go anywhere else-quick, cheap, reliable. I have used Kayak to book tickets to Turkey, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Ireland, Ecuador, Peru, etc. Everytime I use the site, I think fondly of my friend Sheila-she's the one who told me about Kayak in the first place and I've since steered several people there myself. Please, please, please don't change, Kayak!


Best thing since sliced bread!

Pick a topic, any topic. Search it on YOUTUBE and voila! Watch and learn. I really don't know what else to say. Youtube has made stars out of ordinary ppl, brought me a daily dose of 'ELLEN' and the cutest kitten videos in the world. Youtube is the one idea I wish I'd had. It will be around forever!

Fisher Price

My go-to for toys since the 1960's!

Listen, I grew up playing with Fisher Price toys, raised 4 kids on their awesome toys and plenty of nieces and nephews too. I love buying gifts for the little ones in the family and can't wait to someday buy them for my own grandkids. But clothes are boring, baby supplies should be bought by the parents--leave the toys up to me! Fisher Price is my go-to. Not just for toys, mind you-we had a Fisher Price baby swing, high chair and bouncy seat too. It's a time-honored name that I feel is trustworthy. No worries about sweatshop laborers, high lead content or dangerous parts. Love them!


Loved it, at first...

I used Airbnb to book a place in Puerto Rico--I loved the site-could not believe how many places it featured all over the world and their site is amazing! So easy to use and just really awesome. I bookmarked it and then sat down and began dreaming. I found such cool places in some pretty obscure spots of the world-again, amazing!
Ok, so I booked an accomodation thru them. Paid a pretty high ($16) fee to them also. But I was ok with that, thinking they take care of everything. They deal with the host and act as liaison-you do nothing but book and relax, right? NOT! I booked but had to cancel one night because it was over a holiday weekend and I was told (rightly so) that there would be no transportation running anywhere on a Sunday so I sat tight for another night where I was booked and canceled that night with the other place. No problem-I'd given plenty of advance notice and since the hostel did not know at all what to do or how to refund me that money ($45, nothing to sneeze at), I tried calling Airbnb to deal with it. Waited 8 minutes on hold. Called back a little bit later--waited 7 minutes on hold. Called their 'urgent' line and waited 6 minutes before hanging up. I got to the hostel on Monday and nobody there knew what to do--it's run by drugged-out kids, so not sure what I expected! They said they'd have to talk to the hostel owner-turns out, he had no clue what to do and said he was probably going to be dropping Airbnb soon anyways. Greaaaaat. Ok, So on Tuesday, I called and again was put on hold--please change that godawful music, btw! and I called back and hit the 'urgent' line and waited a few minutes more and got an actual live person! She said she'd change my reservation to reflect 2 nights instead of 3 and that the owner would have to go onto their site and click to accept this change and then Airbnb would reimburse me my money. I talked to the owner-told him what Airbnb said he must do. A few days later, he emails me that he's been trying to do just that but not having any luck. Tried to call AIrbnb, no luck. Either way, here I am, over 2 weeks back home and still have not been reimbursed. Airbnb ACTS like they are the go-between and will take care of any problems, but they do not. Reaching them is maddening! Especially if you are calling at off hours.
Their website gets an A from me. The person I finally talked to on the phone gets an A from me just for being friendly and 'taking care of the problem' but see, the problem is still not taken care of, is it? I want my money back. Will I use them again? NO WAY IN HELL! Too much hassle. I will use their site to find places and then I will contact those places myself--or go back to Couchsurfing. The only reason I left in the first place is because they got rid of the chat function. But I can get over that. Never had one problem surfing or being surfed. So long, Airbnb!


One Stop Shopping!

I've had nothing but positive experiences in dealing with this company. I like that you can go on-their site is user-friendly, click on the dates that you need and have immediate information of availability. When you book it, it's done-no dealing with language barriers or mistaken bookings. I also find that Hostelworld gets me better deals and prices than other booking sites. I have tested this out, actually. Another great thing is that it is so easy to find and decide upon a place because all of the information is there along with pictures and reviews.

Another thing I like is that with Hostelworld, you have a very well-known entity that allows users to post comments-this word of mouth can seriously affect any business and these hostel and B&B owners know that. It keeps people honest, I think. I have never made reservations directly with a hostel before and I don't intend to start! I like to find it, book it and be done with it so that all I have to do is sit back and count down the days until I am chilling on that beach or climbing that mountain or visiting that UNESCO world heritage site! Keep up the great work, Hostelworld!

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Intrepid world traveler who loves to stay in budget accomodations and enjoy other cultures, languages and peoples without going into enormous debt in order to do so. I also love reading, cats, perfumes, makeup and nail polish! I love architecture, am intrigued by doors and various styles of decorating. I love all things different!!! I also find reviews invaluable in making purchasing decisions-therefore, I contribute my own reviews of products and things in order to "give back"