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Simply Electronics Ltd.

Refund was in account today, just unfortunate they could not guarantee delivery, so had to cancel

i ordered an ipad4 on 20/11/12 from simply electronics, money taking right away from account, i am feeling rather un easy about the reviews i have now read about simply electronics ltd, after ordering an item of the value £379.95 for my son.
it was a hard decision to reach on buying the item for my autistic son, but as it has been proved the ipad can help autistic children to develop language and communication i thought this would be a great investment, in hoping that it could help my son.
Bottom line is, i just want to know that i have not been ripped off and that the item will arrive within the stated delivery time ? as on the simply electronics website, my order status doesnt really tell me what is happening with my order apart from the fact that the order is confirmed and that the money was taking straight away. I'm worried as it is so close to xmas and its alot of money to lose out on & have nothing to show for it !!! Please simply electronics ltd, deliver my sons ipad & put my mind at ease ! The order was paid by my partner from partners visa debit card, who is my sons father, i am writing this review in hoping that we will receive some reassurance that the ipad4 16gb we have paid for will be delivered, when the item has been received by us, and everything is in working order, i will update this review hopefully being able to say that we were worrying over nothing. Todays order status update...Your order is in queue, and will be processed for dispatch at the soonest available opportunity. 27/11/12, what does this mean exactly considering i ordered a week ago today, ano no item has been dispatched yet, so i take it its still in HK then !! ORDER STATUS STILL NOT CHANGED, HOPE I HAVE NOT BEEN BUMPED HERE, ONLY THING KEEPING ME FEELING A WEE BIT POSITIVE IS THE GOOD REVIEWS, NO NAILS LEFT FROM THE TIME IV BEEN WAITING SO FAR !! Order status still the same for the 3rd working day, this is now 7 working days since order been placed and still not dispatched, what the hell is happening simply electronics ?, surely it should be dispatched by now, or atleast on its way to the uk, 03/12/12 ORDER AWAITING DISPATCH, been like this since saturday, hope i receive my sons ipad within the stated delivery time, still in doubt though but fingers crossed it comes on time the 10/12/12 will be 14 working days exactly, item ordered 20/11/12 !! no nails left with worry !! so 2 weeks ago today i ordered, item is still AWAITING DESPATCH & ALL IT SAYS IS AN EMAIL WILL BE SENT ONCE ITEM IS SHIPPED, SO ITS STILL IN BLOODY HONG KONG, WHAT DO I DO ? AS FROM WHAT IV READ ITS HARDER TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER FOR A REFUND, THAN WAITING A LIFETIME TO RECEIVE IT, I WILL BE GOING TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE OVER THIS IF THIS ITEM DOES NOT ARRIVE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, MY NERVES CANT TAKE MUCH MORE KNOWING I COULD BE £380 OUT OF POCKET FOR AN IPAD WHICH WAS PURCHASED FOR MY AUTISTIC SON !!!!!!!!!

After emailing simply electronics again concerned about when my item will be dispatched, i was sent a message saying that our order will expedited, today on the 06/12/12 the order is still Awaiting Dispatch, i will now have to purchase to another ipad4 from a UK Trusted Retailer as i do not want to have a disappointed wee boy on xmas day, as iv says if the product arrives i will adjust my status, but putting your customers through this anxious & worrying time, is just simply unnaceptable, if my order is not hear or dispatched for the 10th December 2012, i will be taking this further, i have already contacted Kwik Chex over the matter to see what can be done, all i want is WHAT I'VE PAID FOR !!!!!!!!!!

After being in contact with Kwikchex, i now seem to be getting somewhere, simply electronics confirmed that they could not give me a date for dispatch as they have a back log of orders for the item i ordered and paid for, i was offered a free gift of a ipad4 screen protector if i continued to wait, or if i wished to cancel and obtain a refund kwikchex would do this on my behalf, so order has been cancelled today & i am hoping i receive my refund over the next week, will update & amend review if i receive full refund within a respectable time-frame.

Just waiting on refund from simply electronics, had email saying refund has been processed & could take 3-5 working days to show on bank account, so fingers crossed, & when i do receive money back i will update this review as i dont think they are a scam company just too much custom and not enough people to deal with the high demand orders overseas.

I would just like to say that the doubt in my mind was down to the negative reviews i have read about this company, without getting Kwikchex involved i dont think i would have got my refund so quickly, but at the end of the day, they says a delivery timeframe, so nearer the end of that time i knew my item wasnt going to be here in time, but today 7 days from Kwikchex cancelling on my behalf, i have received my Full refund, as i says before i dont think they are a scam just a company who take longer due to where they are based and the high demand of orders they receive from this side of the globe, so im upgrading the stars as i do not believe they are a con or scam, just need to make the process of ordering from them FASTER in dispatching the goods and if the goods are not in stock do not hold onto peoples money for so long knowing you cannot guarantee when the customer will receive there item, so im giving 4stars as even though it was a lengthy process from the date of order till receiving my refund atleast i got the money back, but will in future review an online company that iv not really heard of in more depth than whats happened in this case, but all is well money in bank and satisfied with service from them !!!

27 November 2012

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Kirsty,

While we understand your concerns, we still aim to complete your order within our advised 7-14 business timeframes during this busy Xmas shopping season. Once dispatched, we will be sure to send you the relevant tracking details for your order.

Many thanks for your continued patience.


Vanessa Carroll

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