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Victorian Plumbing

Excellent Service

Nice easy transaction. Order delivered promptly.


Interesting Experience - already damaged

Went to collect car. Small queue of about four people in front of us. Took ages to get to head of queue. Individual staff members were very good (got good advice on adding my husband to the rental when he had forgotten his driving licence - got fax from DVLA). Not enough staff to deal with all the people waiting. (No customers at any of the other Car Rental desks!)

Collected car only to find that the car had a front panel 'loose- ish', blue paint on the wing and a dent about 9" in diameter in the middle of the car at the 'bottom' of the passenger door. Went back to rental desk to speak to them and waited in long queue. Finally staff member that 'signed' the car to me saw me in the queue and called me forward. She directed me back to the area where the rental cars were parked and told me to speak to a representative there. He scrawled a rough diagram on the rental form and initialed it.

We used the car for two weeks. Car OK apart from external damage and not as clean at could have been internally. Good not having to full up tank before return.

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