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I'm happy of this service! I bought Battefield 3 and I got key in instant!


Gear4Music, you should be ashamed

I have ordered a guitar on 21/11/12 Wednesday. Estimated delivery time was on 23/11/12 so I was happy about it, that after two days I'll have a new guitar. I got an email which confirmed that order is ready to be delivered to me (21/11/12), same as text message saying that my order has been sent (22/11/12). So I have waited on Friday for courier, but he never arrived. I was tracking this parcel for whole two days and last delivery information was: "Not delivered - Large item". I thought that it says that courier was not able to deliver it on 23 because of large package. Today's Monday 17:28 and I still did not get package on time. I called gear4music up and asked what's the problem. The guy was sound like he did not believe me that I did not received my guitar on time. After short hold-up he told me that he will try and contact the courier and get the item to them and re-send it and he will call me back after he would speak with that courier. He never did. I called again and the other guy, told me that courier could not deliver it to me because package was too big. I'm asking you, what the hell is this? This is a courier, so he supposed to have big car, and get items into it. BUT I've been told that I'll get phone call on Wednesday confirming that my guitar will be send. I will edit this review once I get the guitar (If I will ever get it on time, according to other reviews).

Oh, and one more thing. Gear4Music, don't even bother replying to this review saying "I'm very sorry, this does not occur very often" because I won't believe it. You screwed it up, like you did with many items and get that right and do something with it, not posting useless information, which does not change mind of customers.

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