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Cash Generator

Faulty Goods !

Purchased a slimline sony playstaion 120GB
Item arrived in two days and I hooked it up to my TV right away.
Nothing ...woudnt power up ..dead as a doornail !!!
Surely they test stuff before they send it ? ...item was very well packaged so I doubt this caused the problem.
I called the store and they arranged for it to be picked up and if faulty I was told i would be refunded within 5 days.
It was picked up next day .
I waited a week refund ,i was very busy with real life and work so i didnt call for another week.
Guy told me when i called first time he had sanctioned the refund but I should call tomorrow to speak with manager just to be safe ????
I called next day and got manager who straight away asked for my phone number so she could call me back within ten minutes as shop was very busy ..fair enough i thought.

THREE hours later still no contact i called again ,manager did apologise for not calling back .
I eventually got the funds in my account 5 days after this.


Worst Customer service Ever !!!

Thought i would add my experience of this company.
Last year I took my teenage daughter shopping to Sports Direct in Kirkcaldy.
A woman was stacking shelves at the footwear section so I asked her where the boxes of trainers were for the ones my daughter liked .
Sighing she threw down her boxes of trainers to the floor.
I was taken aback by this as she replied "Not all trainers are out here ! ,we keep the decent ones in a storage room."
She stomped off and shouted at a young kid to come help me .
She continued to throw boxes on the shelf very loudly while looking at me like i was dirt ..presumably because i had dared to bother her ...
I was furious at her attitude towards a customer so i went to the checkout and asked to speak to a manager..
Imagine my shock when the same woman then appeared at the till asking what was wrong .
I then asked to speak to a different manager as my complaint was about her.
A different woman appeared and took my complaint ,but it was obvious she was going to take no action ,her body language ,her attitude all said " I dont care".
I then asked how i could complain out of branch and was shown there website address.
I went home and explained my experience in an email to
I received a reply two weeks later basically saying they cant comment on any internal stuff that happens in store ,i got no apology ,I was disgusted and have never been back since ..I will never give these people another penny as long as i draw breath.

Never had such an unpleasant retail experience in my 43 years

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