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What a great bunch of guys.

It is seldom that you get a company that will go to such lengths to assist their customers.
I was having problems with the course with it's freezing up in the middle of doing it and I was convinced that the problem lay within their program.
The technical advice crew did a lot to pacify an irate customer and went to extreme efforts to find the problem. One in particuler, Simon, went onto the course to see if he could find the problem.
It turned out to be the fault of my supplier,Vodafone, and after 2 days of hassles the problem appears to have been fixed.I HOPE. They firstly took the modem back and finally changed the sim card.
I can't speak highly enough about the attitude, patients and professionalism.
This is my first time trying to do a course online and at the age of 75 it is proving to be a pleasent experience.
They have steered me in the right direction and I am booked to do another 1 directly after I complete this one.

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Barry Georgeson
Upper Caboolture, United Kingdom