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dont waist your money and time

I did place my first order with achica back in october after my friend invited me to join.As they advertise you should get £20 voucher to share after you make first order,I did receive my £10 voucher but my friend never actually did.I did not hear from them since for a month and when I emailed as you can not phone them they informed me that the delivery company had lost the order 3weeks ago and that they have not got any more stock so they refunded me money. I was not satisfied with this outcome as this was birthday present for my partner and as she was waiting for this for over a month and she was looking forward to it very much and if they did let me know i could get it from elsewhere long time ago,so i did ask to supply me with item as i did find this on other websites and available.They contacted me back and said that they emailed a supplier and that they will contact me after 72hours with an answer and if not in stock they email me with options to resolve the situation.well,one week on and no response,no refund,no I emailed again and they came back with the same answer they already given me before that it was not in stock..i thought they were trying to sort it from the company that make it..?? obviously no other option to resolve the problem was offered and that they obviously did not offer me to use my £10 voucher on something else instead was completely blanked from my email even though this was completely their error, not that after this experience would go back to place any other order to just waist my money and wait eternity for something that never going to arrive... personally never going to order from achica again and will make sure that any of my friends will do the same.rather pay full price somewhere else and be treated as customer should be..

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