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A joke, would be an understatement

Well, today is the 27th of November, so i should have my order right seeing as the order was placed on the 12th? Wrong! My order was quoted to be at my door 7 days ago, after speaking to the customer service, who are incredibly polite, even though it took several attempts to actually make contact (it would seem that they don't even read their complaint emails) that my parcel hadn't even been dispatched on the 22nd, and that my parcel would be marked as a priority due to this incredibly inadequate situation and that it should be at my door by the 28th at the latest, yet my order is still listed as 'awaiting fulfillment', which means it STILL hasn't left the warehouse. Now I've been noticing a general trend here on this site that this company is getting worse and worse for meeting delivery estimates. My advice to WAE+, sack the warehouse manager, he clearly can't do his job, if when i worked as a waiter i left the food on the hot plate for an extra 20 minutes before taking it to the table id get sacked, and so the same applies here, you cannot, and should not be missing quoted delivery times, its extremely bad business. And so i want my answers as to why my products, which were marked as in stock and actually required for the 24th at the latest, hence why i ordered them more than 7 working days early, aren't at my door, and when they will be, because if this continues i will be forced to take a refund, which based on prior reviews on here take 30 days to be returned, which would leave me out of pocket, and without what are incredibly important components for what is an increasingly irritating amount of time. Because an answer for this travesty isn't only required, its deserved.

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