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Are DX involved in identity fraud?

Maybe that's why they can't be trusted to deliver passports.

When I submitted a visa application to the Indian Visa Office I was given the option of having my passport returned to me by courier. How I rue the day that I agreed.

Apparently DX received the passport on Oct 15. On Oct 18 the courier was sent out with it but realised he didn't have my full address or a contact number so he returned the passport to their offices. Instead of ringing the Indian Visa Office to request the missing details DX then sat on the passport for two weeks before sending it back to the Indian Visa Office on Nov 1st. At least DX claims it returned the passport to the Visa Office, they have no record of anybody signing for it on the other end. So either they dropped it down a hole, or it's circulating in the black market or they still have it in their depot somewhere.

I've called them four times this week, trying to get to the bottom of this and when I'm not on hold on their expensive call line, I'm speaking to the most junior member of staff who doesn't know anything, can't refer me up to anybody and is about as useful as a brick wall. I've filled in a complaint form and within hours received a terse reply referring me back to the Indian Visa Office.

I am extremely pissed off. Luckily I'm a journalist and I know A LOT of people so I am going to be shouting EXTREMELY LOUDLY about their incompetence, lack of transparency and inability to handle sensitive documents responsibly. It's outrageous they are being used by huge national companies when they're so utterly useless.

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