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For big Problems, try !

The Opodo booking system has a bad habit of displaying deals and when you try to book it says Ooops! There was a system error. Please start all over again. After starting all over again the previous deal doesn't appear at the same price but 7% more expensive, in my case. I was really in need of that flight so I said, what the heck, one meal less for me and one more for them. Only to have the ticket booked on a wrong name. DAMN! Sending an email I was thinking maybe helps but just to be encouraged to call a Client service number. I called that number to wait for more than 25 minutes to talk to someone who couldn't help me too much. Once their system creates a problem the humans cannot sort it out. So in the end was not a meal but about ten going in their or airline's pocket.
With the Opodo's dodgy risky booking system what you save in 10 flight they make sure it is wiped out in the eleventh.

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