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Terrible, cocky and don't give a damn about your personal property

I arranged for a tv to be collected with Parcelforce and went through on the phone about what the parcel was, they told me that glass is not insured but if anything else would be damaged I would be covered, I have a recording of this conversation! I even paid extra for the parcel for the value of £500. I received the tv and it was smashed, the outer frame cracked and split, the screen shattered and it won't turn on, just makes a buzzing noise. I put a claim in. It was rejected. I was told if the screen had not have been damaged I would have a claim, but the screen has smashed the claim is now void. I contacted them and told them of my conversation, they simply said I was miss informed and its policy. I appealed again, but, this time I requested the conversation to be listened to. They listened and re-opened the claim and said to me on the phone, yes, someone has miss-sold you, please fill in the claim form and send evidence. Great, I thought I had got what was fair, but, no, they rejected it again, even though I showed photos and proof of purchase, just simply said your item had glass, so no claim!!! I called again and the lady said, looks like someone hasn't read the reason why it was re-opened, I was told to email claims manager. I have and am still awaiting a response. I will post the outcome on here and everywhere else I can connect Parcelforce with. I think its a disgrace, and what really gets me is the way some of the staff at claims talk over you, keeping repeating terms and conditions terms and conditions, as your trying to explain to them, that is really annoying, as if they get a buzz out of it.

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