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Great service from Jeff, terrible service from credit check company

Had a great service from the sales assistant called Jeff, so much so in fact that I said I'd happily go with P4U again purely for that reason but my decision has been slightly tainted now due to being continuously incorrectly refused the transaction by your credit check company.

I left it three days or so after originally attempting the purchase, phoned up to check the status of the order and was told it had been denied again and I hadn't been informed. I then got passed from pillar to post between yourselves and T-Mobile as there was some confusion and got told that I had good enough credit check to have two contracts with T-mobile and the error must be with either P4U and they're credit check or the third-party checkers they use. Eventually a few days after I first placed it went through.

Not sure of Jeff's second name but i'm sure he'll remember me or perhaps his information might be on the transaction somewhere but he was a great sales assistant, however the couple of other people I had to deal with were not so.

I like the fact that I got a phone earlier than it came out on tariff deals, however was quite annoyed that it took a week to sort out when it shouldn't and was almost ready to give up with the order. I am however happier as I'm fairly sure that after all of this you sent out the phone on a quicker delivery.

All in all it would have undoubtedly been a 5* quality rating without all the hassle and is still a tussle between 3* and 4* however as the problem may be to do with a third party company I will put it aside. I will be willing to use your service again in the future but should a similar problem occur I would refrain to from then on.

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