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Never buy from salonskincare!They don't care about your money!They sell expired goods!

I bought last week a face cream for my wife and was very surprised to see the expired date was July 2009!!
I wrote them back, but some girl from their store (probably new) called "Evelyn" wrote me I was a lier!!It's not about the 43 pounds I spent on their lousy store, they could at least apollogise for that.
Anyway, I'll never buy from them again, so beware too.
I think I'll buy from the yanks for i never had such problems with them before.It's the tax I have to pay, but "better safe than sorry".



Excellent prices and scents!!

Thousands of excellent scents to choose from and really great prices!!
Most of the presents to my friends came from them and they were very pleased with the perfumes.Shame on me...I never told them where I buy the perfumes from.
Customer service is great too.They never let you down.Never had a problem with them in the five years experience with them!!
I'll never buy from UK again.The goods arrive in a few days from the States
and the quality is excellent.They give real discounts not like Salonskincare who lies you and send you expired creams.
I wish there were more companies like FragenceX.

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