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I prefer the cinemas back home

I'm not exactly unhappy about going to an Odeon cinema, but there are some things that make me wonder and annoy me a little bit:
1) Why is it not possible to book seat numbers? Last time I went to the cinema, was for the opening weekend of Skyfall. We got there a good time in advance, to make sure we got great seats. That didn't last long though, as we were asked to move further down, to make room for other people. I get it, we all want to watch the movie, but in my opinion, I shouldn't have to move for people who arrive 5 minutes before the movie starts, so I end up with rubbish seats and they end up with great seats that I arrived an hour in advance to get.
2) What's premium about the 'premium seats'? I'd hurt my neck if I was placed that close to the screen.


Always a great experience

Walking into a HMV is always a great experience for me. Great deals, always tidy and the staff are always happy to help.


Not much to complain about for me!

Ordered my products wihtout any problems, even wrote their customer service before ordering, even though I feared that my product would go out of stock. They were very helpful and quick to answer, so I got all the products I wanted except one - not their fault!
My products arrived one day later than expected, but that's okay, 'cause they're perfect!

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