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Motorhog - A unique opportunity and extremely profitable resource!

I have been purchasing Cat X cars from Motorhog Church Lane & Bentley Moor Lane for quite a while.
Overall I can’t really understand why there are so many bad experiences listed here.
The vast majority of my purchases have been un-seen, so I am pretty reliant on the site photos and description
Yes they don’t get it right all of the time (who does?). However on both occasions when vehicles have been delivered not in the same condition as shown by the photos, redress after complaining in an appropriate manner and format to some-one in authority has seen my issue’s resolved certainly with-in the terms of their contractual and legislated consumer obligations.

As other individuals have all ready commented Motor Hog’s crew are more than happy for you to survey/inspect/apprise as much as you wish prior to auction day, although personally I find Church do this better than Bentley Moor as not all of the vehicles are readily available to view at Bentley, therefore culminating in time wasting frustrations etc.

I am some what at a loss to understand after being given this much opportunity how anyone could run into some of the significant issues I have read with-in these posts. Modern vehicles are complicated, you could purchase any car with a vendor’s best belief of it’s condition and it catastrophically fail with-in a very short drive

Appreciate Motorhog for what it professes to be - A Savage Operation wholesaling vast qualities of the motoring publics in many cases, well worn and possibly fault ridden cast-offs; that’s why their there.
Be smart and do your “homework”. It’s down to you and very Let The Buyer Beware!

Motorhog’s staff simply doesn’t have the time or the capacity, or should they, to hold your hand and give-away to you vehicles, which I believe, could well be some of the best priced bargains thought out the country.

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