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It really works !!!!

At first I was a little sceptical but after a good search on the internet , I could not find
any Negative comments about Myimeiunlock.com unlike other scamming websites.
My iphone was locked to a French operator and I used a Gmate+ to make phonecalls with it, but I had no Bluetooth functionality and had to carry around a second device (the Gmate) all the time to be able to make phonecalls.
So I thought , let's give it a try. And I applied to myimeiunlock.com.
Six days later I recieved an E-Mail that my phone was unlocked., so I hooked my Iphone on Itunes but nothing happened.
Maybe because my phone had a jailbreak ?
I wrote a mail to the support and they answered an hour later that I should upgrade to ios 6.0.1.
It was risky because ios 6.0.1 upgrades your baseband to 4.12.02 .
When I upgraded there was no way back. So if the unlock did not wwork , I was stuck with ios6 and the Gmate+ does not run on 6.0.1 , and I would had an expensive Ipod.
First I spend hours and hours to try restoring my Iphone and after 6 hours and a lot of googling I finally found how it must be done without getting lots of error codes because my iphone was jailbroken.
So I took the plonge and installed 6.0.1 and YESSSSSSSSS it worked,
no more "no service" and finally be able to use the full functionality of my iphone 4
I tried 2 different Belgian operators , Ortelmobile.be and Base and it works!!!
I never tought it could work , but myimeiunlock.com did the Job.

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