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Poor Communication, high delivery charges for incompetent deliveries

I'm so angry with this supplier - it's almost too difficult to write it all down.
Order placed for a suprise gift has been totally ruined and one month on I am still waiting for a refund. Repeaded emails to the supplier are ignored and when you call them they can't help as it's an Amazon order and as I have complained through there too (due to the lack of direct communication from the supplier) they 'can't' help me. Wont more like.

I paid £9 for a delivery that the courier this company use - think is acceptable to leave propped against a wheely bin on a busy street. With no knowledge of when the home owner might be home this is probably the least secure location they could have picked. So we therefore have no parcel.

On contacting Viceroy Bedding - there is no apology for a ruined suprise and failed delivery - just news of an 'invesitgation'. No customer service present at all.

After repeadedly chasing I finally hear an outcome that they are claiming for the parcel from the courier and an offer is made of a replacement... too little too late.

As if I would want goods from them now or to spend my money with them. I just want my money back and to never deal with them again. So this is what I ask for. No one acknowledges this request and I am still waiting. I opened a case with Amazon and this remains unanswered with no way to chase it either.

So one month on they still have my money, wont authorise a refund until Amazon have 'reviewed' the case - yet they have already claimed for this from their couriers.

It seems buying online means you are the one with the least protection - if it goes wrong you have to chase and chase and chase and it's almost impossible to get your money back. I should have just taken it wout of the bank and put a match to it!

Avoid this online retailer and save yourself a world of pain. If you look at their website you can leave them feedback and only the positive stuff is posted. "See what people are saying" their website says - but it's see what selected people are saying - as I left completely accurate factual feedback and they have failed to post it to their site. A complete Fraud - amazon feedback reflects that I am not the only unhappy customer too.


Service and Item as described

it's becoming hard to find retailers that deliver as promised online - the service and communication is poor and goods are substandard. So it was a relief that these items were exactly as described, a good price and delivererd quickly and efficiently. A relief - well done Shoetique - you are one of the good ones.

Great service, online pictures of bunches are misleading though

I've used Serenata a couple of times now and whilst I think their email and text updates of despatch and delivery are very good - the website is misleading from the point of purchase. There are NO photos to be seen of what the standard bunches of flowers are so where you think the competitive lower prices are great, thats because the bunches look nothing like the photos as they are all of the delux options which cost much more. Therefore to get anything like the picures you see you HAVE to spend more and therefore they are not nearly as competively priced as others; they are much the same. I have still given them four stars as the flowers are good quality and there are lovely mixes; I just find the visual versus price descrepency misleading and therefore disapointing. If you select the cheap option the photo should change to reflect what you are buying and not remain as the delux bunch - when you shop for clothes online in many retailers you can select a top in a different colour and photos can change to reflect that so it's not difficult UI wise, it's just that they dont want you to see how sparse the cheaper bunches are.


Add ons Add ons - you are not getting what you think you are

When you sign up you think you are getting unlimited storage but you are not. You have to pay extra for everything - this is not clear on sign up at all.
Then once they have your money and you ask to cancel as they have mislead you they email you over and over offering this and that, saying how sorry they are that you are going - so why arent they clearer up front about what you get for your money then. It doesnt change the fact that they mislead you up front so once you take an initial offer there will be more things that you have to pay extra for too.
I dont like the way they do business at all and find their approach misleading and unclear - if it sounds too good to be true (unlimted storage) then it is folks! and thats certainly the case here.


Great services

We have recently bought two sets ethernet plugs - they are competively priced on faculty-x and the arrive speedily and well packaged. Very pleased with the online shopping experience in general - their website is a bit outdated and cheap looking but dont let it put you off.


Never had a Problem

I have ordered from Debenhams online a number of times and have never experienced a problem. The items have always arrived on time and as described.
We also used them for our wedding list and the local store, noting that we had ask for and been given a suitcase - called us and asked if we would like it earlier than the wedding in case we wanted to use it for our honeymoon - as all other items were being delivered after we returned. What fantastic customer service!

17 emails, loads of phone calls and still no refund - incompetent

My husband ordered a football shirt with a players name for his son for Christmas. The shirt arrived with an invoice for the shirt with a name. When he opened it Christmas Day - no players name across the back.
Kitbag would not despatch a replacement and would only accept the shirt back, print it and return it to us. This was not acceptable as it would take such a long time we agreed a return and a refund. We were told to include the postage receipt within the refund and the cost would be covered. It was frustrating to get to this point and took many calls and emails - over a couple of weeks. We ended up buying the shirt, printed elsewhere as we didn't want to keep him waiting for his Christmas present. So presently we are the cost of two shirts down and STILL waiting for the refund.
Today we have received a replacement shirt .... Kitbag in their infinite wisdom ignored all documentation in the returned parcel and countless emails on our account. They have still not refunded the return postage and now are saying we will not get our original refund until we have returned the shirt they have sent to us in error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as if we are going to pay AGAIN to return a shirt to them when they have not yet refunded a thing.
This company's service is terrible in our experience - STEER WELL CLEAR!


Missing cashback blamed on 'other' cookies - doesn't add up. Beware

I have been a user of quidco for some time and whilst it was all very good in the beginning - I am finding that more and more transactions do not track. You have to check EVERYTHING - so if you want the cashback be prepared to WORK.

Often claims are declined because the cashback has been paid through 'other channels' quidco blame this on other cookies on your computer being 'stronger' than theirs - I clear my cache regularly so do not believe this is true in anyway. The other channel quoted as claiming my cashback with one retailer - is one I have never even visited as a site.

Another retailer advised that they had paid my cashback through an affiliate of quidco - therefore someone affiliated with quidco had tracked and had the cashback but I never saw it. When I queried this with quidco the transaction was suddenly tracked through my quidco account - despite the fact that when I had been chasing it weeks earlier - quidco had no record of the transaction.

The retailer has kindly paid me the cashback directly but this doesnt change the fact that quidco and their affiliates are ALWAYS tracking the cashback and ALWAYS getting paid it but many do not make it to the consumer. Every cash back I have chased up with a retailer direct have always been paid - I just never see the money.

Simply put they and their affiliates are creaming off a percentage of the cashbacks paid and keeping it for themselves and fobbing customers off with rubbish.

I am still waiting for quidco support to get back to me on this - they never answer the full query and never read what I have put and answer the actual question.

In the last correspondence I asked for the MD's name and contact details - did I get them - no - just a general address. Vague and unhelpful so far.

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04 January 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi Sarah,

We are currently in discussion with you via your formal complaint and we will keep you updated via that.

Thanks, Quidco


Quidco issues, now resolved

I only used this company as they were offering 7% cash back via custom from Quidco. I did not receive a tracking email as per normal so I went on to Quidco to raise a claim and was advised that this retailer does not accept cash back claims. In that case then they should not be enjoying the extra custom of quidco users - I would not have shopped with them if I had known this in advance so they are conning you to buy from them offering a discount which you can not claim.

Update - I have added a star to my review as ToyDay have contacted me and refunded me the 7% - however I had to write this review to get what I should have been able to claim through Quidco. If ToyDay start accepting Quidco cashback claims for customers who's tracking failed then I'll review my score accordingly again, as this remains an issue for me. Retailers who gain customers this way should accept that technology sometimes fails and the customers should not be penalised by not being able to claim what is rightfully theirs. I will be more careful who I use on Quidco in future - no retailers that do not accept claims!

Update 2 - Further communication from Toyday and they are addressing the issue of being able to claim on quidco going forward so I have adjusted my score accordingly. Seemingly they are an online retailer who listen to customers feedback and respond both promptly and effectively. Can't knock them for that. I also realise that I have not reviewed the items I purchased - which were as ordered and in excellent condition after transit and arrived in a timely fashion. I have to change my view here and say that I would now recommend this retailer.

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