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Universal fitting was a bit small but I fitted it just the same.

The drain was a non Miele product because the Miele drain hose would have cost £50!
The bore size was a bit too small for my model G646 SC, but I stretched it over the out let, and it seems to work fine. Arrived very fast, excellent price.


Arrived next day first class.

I have bought wetshoes and knee pads and they were well priced, as described and posted the same day.

PC Specialist Ltd

Third computer says it all.

This is the first computer from PC Specialist that is actually for me! The other two were were for my sons. I kept the cost down by ordering a fairly basic PC but decided to equip it with a I20GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for speed with no hard disc. This doesn't sound much storage but as I mainly use it for business it will be fine. Also I will back up my computer to a portable hard drive for security and extra storage, if needed.
My son set it up as I had not ordered an operating system to go with the computer. However, when he switched it on, he found Windows 7 was already loaded. I had already bought Widows 7 from another source, so all he had to do was enter the product key to to register the software and keep it going more than 30 days. My only reservation about the computer is that USB 3 is not on the two front USB ports, but at the rear.
The desktop computer was ordered on 6 November and delivered on 22 November.


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