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Unbelievably bad - do not switch to this dreadful shambolic company

I could write an essay on this company but I've wasted so much time with them already I'll try to keep it brief.

I had a long standing complaint with this company going back 18 months - essentially they coudn't/woudn''t issue me with an electricity bill. In the end I went to the Ombudsman and finally I got a letter of apology, but only after the Ombudsman was involved. Otherwise I ma certain I would never have received a reply. 18 months with no reply is beyond discourteous, it is rude.

However, even now I have some issues but First Utility have decided to close my case so not sure what to do now. Back to Ofgen I suppose.

Maybe I was unlucky but I don't think so. I must have sent 20 emails to this company and NEVER received a reply other than a computer generated reply. After the Ombudsman got involved I was in correspondence with a real person but they took nearly 2 weeks to reply , citing that I was in a queue. I think this shows either the company is terribly understaffed or more likely they have an awful lot of complaints to deal with.

Customer Services on the phone is a joke. 20 mins is a minimum wait time. I have given up a number of times after 45 mins.

Of course there are some nice people who work there but they are largely ineffectual and unable to resolve issues. The excuse of "it's the system" is often used. When I say the system is designed by people and is not some kind of random event they have no response.

If anyone in head management reads this review hang your heads in shame, then get your systems and processes to work. As things currently stand you absolutely do not deserve to supply gas and electricity.

Anyone thinking of switching suppliers, please think very carefully before you sign up with FU, they are not worth the hassle, anger, frustration and time for a a potential saving.

Oh, 2 years on I still don't have my promised Smart metre.

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