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Worst Service Ever!!

Would never ever set foot in ASDA again. Got terrible service from a MANAGER in ASDA Alloa they rather than cutting budgets they should be spending on training staff to give better customer service, I wouldn't even the girl clean my shoes never mind help me with my shopping never been so angry in my life. I went into ASDA Alloa with mym who is 50 and had been having a bad day as it is as she had been informed that 2 of the elderly people she works with is in a bad way. So we go to ASDA because I was to get some clothes for my boyfriend's little nephews. We Were in a home deparment isle when my mum spots a manager that she does not like as she had previously experianced bad customer service from before. She turned me to and made a noise and I asked what the problem was and she replied "her next to me" the manager herd her and I know my mum was in the wrong so I turned to the woman as if to appologise but then the woman pushes past my mum infront of her in an ignorant manner and says "escuse me" in a smart tone. When I turn round and ask her what she changes her tune and says "oh I was saying excuse me because I was appologising for hitting her basket" I'm in my third year of university not in primary school im not stupid I can tell the difference between a sincere tone and a sarcastic one with attitude. Her and my mother began to argue and the woman told my mum not to shout, this made my mum even more angry she had not raised her voice to the woman as of then, she did after the woman saying that start to raise her voice so I moved her on as they were both making a scene and acting as bad as each other. Now my mum doesnt work there were as that half arse attemp of a manager does and should learn how to deal with customers. As we left the store she came up and told me that mum and I was barred. Her and my mother began both raising their voices to each other and I had to push my mum out of the store. Once my mum had left she turned to me pointed and said "shes got a problem" I have never been so angry in my life, but yet I did not argue or say anything back because I knew If I started I wouldn't have stopped and I would have punched the manager in the face. Now I dealt with the situation better than the 30 odd year old manager did and I'm 21 and have been reffered to by my doctor for anger management so what does that tell you about her. I put in a formal complaint and was told by a a member of the customer services team on the 0800 number that it would be dealt with and the store manager would call me back that day. The next day I phoned customer services back because I had still not herd back from the store and the guy tells me it's the managers day off, he is sorry she should have phoned me back yesterday. Some service from the Alloa ASDA store. If only all the ASDA staff were trained up to speak to customers like the 2 customer services people I spoke to on the phone, then ASDA wouldn't receive so many complaints like i've read on this page!

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