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Whisky Online

Competitive price and used a reliable delivery company

Competitive price and used a reliable delivery company. I would prefer it if they stock a larger range of whiskey, for example from smaller and independent distillery, and also of other beverages. Overall a pleasant purchase experience


Poor and incompetent customer service - avoid!

5 months ago I purchased a mid-market Canon SLR from Jessops. 2 months ago it developed a fault which means it failed to focus properly. It was brought to the shop with the purchase receipt to be sent off for inspection/repair. It took a long time in the shop because of their out-dated computer system and that they wanted to take a copy of the receipt.

2 days ago I received a letter (with typos) from Jessops saying that it was returned to the store because of a lack of proof of purchase.

I rang Jessops customer service who informed me that the 'repair manager' had finished work - this was 4.30pm, and whether I can call again the next day. I tried again the next day and was told to call the local shop - no answer. I called the call centre again, and was given a local number to call the store - it just rings out (01216162162). I again tried the number given on their website - which inevitably says 'The store is busy, you will now be transferred to our call centre'.

Again, I was transferred to the local store via the call centre, who assured me that they would look into it. It transpires that they did not link the receipt to the repair job - and it has taken them 3 or 4 weeks to notice that. That sounds completely illogical to me, because they would not have taken the camera in at the shop if I did not have a receipt, and if it was taken in, then it must have a receipt!

I have already paid what is considered as a premium price at Jessops to other outlet because of their reputation. I now know better. We will be going away for out winter holiday in 3 weeks' time, and it looks like we will be going without our SLR.

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