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Total waste of time and space

Here is the catalogue of events that I have been put through due to the ineptness of this company….

16th October 2012 Laptop picked up for repair

23rd October 2012 Wrong laptop delivered, mine apparently at an address in London

24th October 2012 to approx 13th November 2012, numerous promises of delivery dates, none of which materalised, eventually on approx 14th November steps put in place to trace laptop and was eventually delivered on 16th of November or thereabouts. One week to repair and approx 3 and a half weeks traveling around the country, sightseeing one can presume.

21st November 2012 Original fault reappears, rang Know-how, spoke to a lady called Vikki (although apparently her name according to their records was Charlie) who said that the laptop would be picked up on the 22nd November 2012 and returned on the 29th November 2012, but mentioned that as the repair would take it over the 42 day limit I would, under the terms of my warranty, be entitled to a replacement.

Checked website and it stated that the laptop would be delivered on Thursday 29th November 2012

29th November 2012 Rang to find out what was happening, told that laptop would be delivered on the 8th December 2012.

Firstly asked how the company could justify making me wait another 11 days for my laptop and also as to why I was not being given a replacement as PROMISED. Was told that my allocated delivery slot had been taken due to the QC department not having laptop ready in time and also that it had been 41 days since the original date and the time for a replacement was 42 days.

To sum up

I will have been without my laptop for over 7 weeks
It took 3 and a half weeks for you to find my laptop after it being lost
I had been given at least 4 delivery dates, none of which materialized
The original fault was not fixed
I was lied to by being told that I would be getting a replacement
I have lost track of the amount of money I have spent ringing the helpline

After getting nowhere with the person on the phone on the 29th November 2012, I requested to speak to a manager, only to be told that ‘ she would say the same thing’.

After insisting that I wished to speak to her I was told that a request would be put in for her to ring me but it would only be a request! – needless to say no phone call was received

It seems that the whole concept of Customer service is missing from this company and especially after being told that I would be entitled to a replacement laptop and then to be told repeatedly by the person on the last phone call that ‘it had only been 41 days so I wasn’t entitled to a replacement’ (and I do wish I could express in words the ‘smart alex’ tone in his voice) and then the total failure of a manager to take any interest and not be bothered to ring me back was really the icing on the cake.

As a company I feel that the correct response could have gone along the lines of :

‘I am really sorry Mr Smith, it is clear from our notes on the history of this repair that we have failed to deliver a satisfactory service. As a result of this I will authorise an immediate replacement laptop as a way of us apologizing for our failings’

But alas that is not what has happened…..

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