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absolutley oustanding delivery service

probobly one of the best delivery services ive ever come across you get a couple of emails and a couple of texts messages to say when is getting deiverd and what time and if you can make that time you send a text back to what day you would prefer it to be delivered the beanbag arived in the 1 hour time slot they said it would would exeptianal service the beanbag is well made and of good quality although not as confortable as i was hoping but this is not the sellers fault i suffer from survere sciatica in my both my legs and sitting down is hard as hell and i was hoping a beanbag would help a little for the constant razor blades in my thyes but that wasnt the case but im sure its comftable for other people i will keep the beanbag for my guests to sit on as an exstra seat i dont want to return it as i believe they deserve my money for exeptional service



!!BEWARE EVERYONE!! when updating to jellybean some do go very wrong! not all! but some do!! and it will brick your phone!! i updated over the air.. and for a few days. my phone kept on freezing! and locking up! one night i went to bed woke up and the phone was stuck on the boot screen! i thought thats weird took battery out, put back in, as ya do.. nothing took sim out and back in nothing... so only option was to reapair it through kies. put serial in and model number in it found the sortware. i downloaded it. told me to put phone in recovery mode.. so i did,kies said it was gonna install it to my phone.. but everytime it tryed to install it kept on saying it couldnt find my phone.. i tryed this all day long used different usb ports. different computers. to know avail, so my only option was to take it in for repair.. so i took it back to phones 4 u! they sent it away, i waited over 2 weeks! which was undiscrible it was like i lost my right arm with no phone! as you can imagine.. than the repair center turned round and said that the phone has been rooted! which it hadnt!! and they said this in order to brake the terms and conditions of my warentee so phones 4 u can get out of giving me a new handset. so they all save money!! i wouldnt do that to a 500 pound phone!! the phone does everything you could want from a phone! im launching a full investigation into this matter.. and have writen a formall complaint to phones 4 u headoffice, and will be contacting trading standards, ofcom, watchdog, and the ombudsman, and plaster it on all the forums ,social networking sights i can think of, to give them as much bad press as possible!! untill my problem is resolved and i will restore there name and clear it once they have done the right thing by me

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