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Reviews (1) SUCKS!! False advertised price match guarantee....Buyers beware!!

I've been purchasing supplements from for 4 years now and they were the 1st and only place I bought my nutritional supplements from. Made over $1000 in purchases and never had a problem until today. Found a ALRI Chain'd out at another site for dirt cheap. Submitted the price to at which time the rejected it. They claimed that the competition was selling for below cost and that they were either closing out, discontinuing, or selling expired products...basically everything under the sun to get out of honoring their SW advertised price match guarantee. So after listening to all their excuses, I finally accepted that after 4 years of loyalty and thousand dollars in purchases they didn't care about retaining me as a customer.

To get to the gist, I ended up making the purchase from was the company who had the product for such a great price. One of the owners called me minutes after I made the online purchase to confirm my order and advised the items would be shipped the same day. He also confirmed the products were not expired or close outs as supplementwarehouse alleged. They just believe is passing on the savings to the Customers.

So, the bottom-line is, don't trust supplementwarehouse! They will say and do anything to not have to live up to their guarantee when it's not cost effective for them. If you don't believe me just check their reviews at other independent sources like and There are several similar complaints.

If you want great personal customer service and competitive prices you should really try also They've been in business since 1979 and have a lot of free support available. Good luck and remember, stay away from They're dishonest!!

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