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Extremely difficult to raise a specific query

I wanted to commenced a query by email on the operation of the account, being new to the company and wanting to check some fundamental detail of how the system work, as this was not covered by their FAQs.

Firstly, just getting through to be able to send a specific message is near impossible or at least extremely difficult. The company, instead of providing a specific enquiry form or an email address, insists on putting you through several layers of largely irrelevant standard questions, with standard answer, much like their FAQs. If the matter is not covered by irrelevant FAQs these standard answer are just annoying. Additionally, most of those standard answer do not even give you the chance to say "This did not answer the query, if you require further advice here is the contact form". They simply provide the a standard answer with no possible further steps. You have to go through each of the questions to get to the one that will let you proceed to the next level.

The next level very much repeats the previous one in format and inability to proceed further. Once again, you have to go through all the question in order to find the one that will let you go through to the contact stage.

When you finally get to the stage of sending an email, you then have yet another set number of pre-determined message header/subject categories, which are very specific and all already addressed in the FAQ in any event. If your query is not a standard one and, let's face it, if it is not addressed by the FAQ, it is always unlike to be such a standard one, there is not option to choose "Other" as a subject or to input your own specific subject. You then have to shoehorn our query into one of the set category and hope the person reading it will pick up the fact that it may not fall into any of the standard headers.

In fairness, the reply came quickly (within 12 hours), and largely addressed my two key queries, though in a manner that seemed to presuppose that you were already familiar with the system. In essence, the could be described as somewhat cryptic, like when a computer expert talks to a newbie and assumes matters which may be obvious to the adviser, but would clearly not be obvious to the newbie. Of course, as my question was exactly about operation of the account generally and I had not made any purchase yet, it took quite a bit of further digging around to actually understand the reply.

Again, in fairness, at least the answer provided gave me sufficient clues to be able to then search the website more generally for some of the information and, in particular, some unfamiliar standard terms. That said, with a new customer explaining that they have a fundamental query, that they are new to the system and that the matter was not addressed in the FAQ, all of which he had read, one would expect a more user-friendly response.

Let's see how they fare when my first transactions go through and if I have actually properly understood the cryptic response.

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