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Purchased from Amazon

Day 1) - Tried to deliver, no one in - at work. Card pushed through door, tried to ring to arrange collection. Only able to speak with the computer as office was closed. The computer didn't like the number on the card and I was unable to speak with anyone.

Day 2) Managed to get through to a human being, they refused to deliver to my work address as this would mean transferring to another depot. I work 20 minutes from my home address. When I got home, no sign of a deliver card so assumed as they deliver to 21:00 I may get lucky and they may deliver it. No such joy, I logged on with the card from Day 1 and managed to find that my parcel had been delivered at 07:45 and "left in a safe place". Well at 23:00 last night I was looking through bushes, etc etc but no joy ..... my parcel isn't around!!!!!!!! Royal Mail managed to deliver 3 parcels yesterday!!!! Why are these so incapable.

AMAZON - If you are reading this. I will be purchasing my Xmas presents elsewhere next week. I'd rather bore my eyes out with a wooden spoon than allow you to line the pockets of these incompetent fools!!!!!!!!!!!!


On day 3 after much Twitter chat and them basically asking me to go and ask random houses on my street if they had a parcel for me. It appears it they tried to deliver it to number 37. The driver then pushed a card through number 35 advising them he'd left a parcel for them at number 37.

Lucky for me the gentleman at 35 was honest and delivered my parcel to me!!! .... SHOCKING!!!!

Yodel had it logged as 25!! ... I live at 45.

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