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Incompetent and Appalling

Have a Kindle Fire HD bought as a xmas present for me last year. Had the additional pay monthly Know How Whatever Happens Care Plan took out on it.

The charger port has stopped working. Checked reviews apparently quite a few have gone the same.
Rang my Whatever Happens Care Line and 2 advisors who double checked my policy details and advised me to take the Kindle into nearest Currys and they will straight exchange it as it is a manufacturers defect.

Go into the Weston Super Mare branch today (Currys), they say that they do not have any like for like kindles available but to go next door into pc world and they will do the swap as they have them in stock.

go in and explain myself again. the guy then says i have to send it off for repair
in my policy says its a 7 day turn around - apparently literature is wrong as its 21.

advisors were rude and not helpful so asked to speak to the manager.
he told me as my kindle cost 159.99 they cant do straight swap as its over 150. but he will swap my 16gb kindle fire hd for a £99 quid, 8gb cheaper alternative with no cash back difference and my broken kindle will just go in the bin.

go back to currys who then began to agree with next door and told me send it off for a repair. all the info they provide for policy is incorrect and staff dont no what the hell they are selling or how to help you. manager tried to fob us off. not impressed



Got home from work to a my yodel we tried to deliver card through my front door.
Have tried to ring and go online with my 8 digit reference number to get re delivered only my reference number is not recognised
Rang the recruitment line number as there is no other way to speak to anyone to be told the phone line system and online re deliver service has gone down. You cant speak to anyone and cant attempt to fix their cock up. Wouldnt mind when they apparently came round there were people in my house fixing the back door with the front door wide open!!!

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