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All went smoothly...... apart from the Tesco lorry and roadworks.......!

The ferry, this company, ticketing, timing etc., were all first class. We are very happy. Might have been a different story if we'd missed the boat, which we nearly did, only because we forgot what the English traffic is like nowadays, and only allowed 1 hour extra margin for problems 'en route' to the port... Take a book (or one of those fancy 'eye-patches'), a flask of tea and aim to arrive early enough to finish both, watch the seagulls, and dream of all that deep red wine waiting for you on the other side of the pond. Enjoy the crossing and chill.
Alternatively... dodge in and out of the traffic like a rally driver, scream up the hard shoulder collecting nuts and bolts from every passing lorry in your new tyres, screach round the numerous roundabouts on two wheels, whilst still keeping a keen eye open playing 'I spy a wicked little speed camera', skid past the passport office attempting an emergency stop, only to realise that the bow doors have now slammed shut and you actually had 12 hours to spare after all (until the next one) Voila !!

30 November 2012

Reply from AFerry

Thank you for your very entertaining review, Simon & Claire. We enjoyed reading that! It's great to hear that you were happy with the service.

Best regards,

The Team

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