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My experience with Computer Planet was very underwhelming. They 'mislead' you on build times, when the final date arrives they move it back further still. I believe it is around £200-£300 for a speedy build, shockingly expensive. So realistically the only other option is the free method.

When the computer arrived the whole thing stunk of second hand smoke, whether that was Computer Planet or not (possibly delivery) it's something that reflects badly on them and they should be in control of.

The free surge protection extension plug that was meant to be in my order did not arrive with my computer, after e-mailing twice and getting no response through their ticket system I gave up (because 6 months later I no longer have the ticket ID they claim the ticket never existed). I have still not received this and bought my own instead.

The computer is meant to be checked and tested, if they had tested it properly they'd have known the graphic card I requested was not up to scratch and would crash constantly making the entire system unusable - receiving a rating of just 1.8 on Windows Experience Index. This card was over £100. I have since had to buy a new one and a new PSU to cater for the new graphics card. Which now receives an 8.9 in the Windows Experience Index rating.

Computer Planet should know that some customers are not fully aware of how to build a computer and what is required. If they are putting together a computer that clearly has a very weak component that won't run properly the customer should be notified and a recommendation made. This would have saved me £100+the PSU cost and would have also got them a better sale as I'd have upgraded both during the original build. Instead they just took my money, built it (eventually) and moved onto the next customer.

Neither of the two 3.0 USB's on the top of the Cooler Master Silencio case work either, whether that's a faulty case or they weren't 'connected' in the build I do not know. But that obviously wasn't check prior to shipping.

(UPDATE: Since this review Computer Planet has told me:

"You selected a case which has USB 3 internal headers and requires this type of connection on the motherboard. The motherboard you selected does not have this and would have cost you an additional £64 in selecting a motherboard which has this rare USB 3 internal header."

This is another case of Computer Planet just building a computer regardless of the outcome, as long as they are paid for it. They were aware the motherboard was not fully compatible with the case, they were aware of all the details above even the cost of the upgrade I needed but did not mention it at all.)

I could have gone back to Computer Planet for repair/replacement/fix but I needed the computer, and with lack of attention to detail in the first place is there any confidence in sending it back? Returning it for repair wasn't an option (6 days total. 1 day to collect 5 days repair). It should have been done right in the first place, they took long enough... Besides with no replies to my tickets about a simple missing 'free gift' extension plug from my order, what was the likelihood they'd be helpful in this instance!


Computer Planet continue to 'report' this review for TrustPilot moderation with no just cause. They are taking advantage of a loop hole in the system that allows a company to report a review straight after it has been approved. Doing this takes the review offline so it isn't visible to new customers and the bad practices of the company stay hidden. The review has been reported by Computer Planet 3-4 (to date) times now over the course of just 3-4 days. It has also been approved by TrustPilot each time who have confirmed to me there is no reason for it to be removed.

Computer Planet also contacted me asking me what I would be happy with in order to remove this review from TrustPilot. I will not be removing this review as it is tactics like that that give a false impression of a company. I wish customers before me had not taken down reviews so I had a better idea of Computer Planet.

Computer Planet offered to send me the surge protection plug, however I bought my own now so I declined. They also offered to collect the graphics card and test it for faults. I never claimed or believed the card was faulty. It was a failure in customer service and support on their part that they fitted a card that wasn't powerful enough for the rest of the computer (Just like the USB/motherboard issue). They told me specifically they would return the card to me at MY cost.

Their motivations are not to please an unhappy customer and right their list of wrongs, they are simply aimed at getting a bad review about them removed.


Computer Planet have replied claiming to have offered to resolve all 3 issues, I would like to let this rest but this is a lie and I also am not keen on the way they phrase 'the customer refused' (I politely declined 1 real offer and I assume any offer made was with the side note of removing this negative review in return) so I would just like to clarify this with my comments and a screenshot of our exchanges as proof. They have offered to send me the free surge plug gift that is the only real gesture they made. I however told them I already purchased one myself so had no need for it.

They also offered needlessly to check the graphics card for faults, it isn't faulty it was too low end for my computer spec (32GB ram and 8 core 4.00GHZ) so that is a pointless task which will result in me paying for the return of the card - which they clearly outlined would be a cost I would have to pay.

They also never offered ANY sort of resolution for the motherboard, not a single resolution for it. Neither did they offer anything for the PSU which was required to power a graphic card fit for the computer spec, which I believe I should have been advised on (I had to upgrade from 500W to 1200W)

I just wanted to clarify that. I have however sorted the computer myself out of my own pocket, I want nothing from Computer Planet and they have offered very little. I am simply posting an honest and transparent review of my experience purchasing from them so others understand there is a possibility of problems if they were to but a custom built computer from them. This is something I'd have appreciated while reading reviews on TrustPilot prior to ordering.

Linked below are my exchanges with Computer Planet to prove they offered 1 real solution (which was to send me another surge plug) 1 half gesture of checking the graphics card and returning it to me at MY cost and no gesture of fixing the motherboard issue and no gesture of regarding the PSU issue)


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23 July 2013

Reply from -

We are sorry to hear you are not happy.

In respone to the points you raised:

1) We charge a high abount for Express 5 Day shipping because of the increased cost in building, testing, shipping and deliverng a PC within 5 days. If a customer was ordering a £400 PC then charging a lower fee for express build of £30 maybe a more "reasonable" amount in your eyes. We do however sell lot's of systems costing £2000 to £5000 which are more complicated so our higher express charge covers us for handling orders like this.

2) No one in the production area or offices is allowed to smoke inside by UK law. It would be impossible for us dispatch a PC which smelt of smoke. I cannot explain how this could happen in transit unless it was sat next to another box in transit which smelt of smoke. I am very sorry to hear this.

3) You ordered a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (AMP!) this is not a budget graphics and not low end. The PC was ordered without Windows so you were responsible for installing all software, drivers and updates. If you had contacted our technical support team we could have helped you resolve the problem I suspect would have been not installing or installing a very old GPU driver. You have never contacted tech support about this. If you upgraded the PSU then this was your choice because you upgraded the graphics card to a much higher model rather than contacting our tech support team to help you resolve this issue.

4) Every support ticket sent to us is assigned a unique tracking number and the date/time/ip is stored and viewable online in the customer area. You contacted us 3 times about your order and 2 were replied to and one closed with no response at your request. None of the tickets were to advise the free gift was not included with the PC. It's technically impossible for us to not reply to a ticket due to the way our ticket system works. If you had contacted us and created a ticket you would have been given a ticket number and we would have replied and dispatched the free gift. Our records are showing it was dispatched. We will contact you via email today to arrange shipment of this.

5) You selected a case which has USB 3 internal headers and requires this type of connection on the motherboard. The motherboard you selected does not have this and would have cost you an additional £64 in selecting a motherboard which has this rare USB 3 internal header. (order was placed January 2013 before and USB 3 on front cases was new then).

6) The PC would not have needed to come back as the only problem you had was with the graphics card. If you had called our support team it could have been resolved at no cost to you and you would not have needed to upgrade the PSU or graphics card. You decided not to contact us and pay for upgrades.

We have spoken to the customer on 22/07/13 who advised he never had a ticket number from our support system which is automatically given when you contact us. This was the reason we did not contact the customer about his surge strip. Offered to send the surge strip but the customer refused.

Offered to collect the graphics card (GTX 650 not low end) and test it and the customer refused.

Advised the customer that when he ordered the case the new type of USB3 internal header was VERY rare on motherboards and not supported.

Offered to resolve all 3 issues but the customer will not allow us.


Fast a reliable!

Another order with BulkPowders and as always it arrived early the next morning. I don't need to shop around, cheapest price, quickest delivery and best tasting products all at bulkpowders.co.uk.


Fast, cheap and worth it!

Easy to use website, went right the collection of products I wanted, added the ones I chose to my basket, placed the order and they arrived in no time. Can't ask for much more than that! Got what I wanted when I wanted it!


AVOID: Poor quality, terrible customer service, returned item and still no refund.

It was bad enough the office chair I purchased was very poor quality, the padding on the seat flattened to almost nothing within 1 day so I contacted WorldStores to notify them and to return the chair... that's when it started to get very frustrating. It takes (2-3) days for them to response to e-mails and the responses you get aren't informative or helpful or even remotely problem solving, so you have to follow up your initial query all over again and wait another 2-3 days for a reply and again and again.

Finally I was able to secure a collection date for WorldStores to collect the shoddy item and it was successfully collected and returned.

1 month later (since I returned the chair), many e-mails chasing them up and a lot of time spent waiting for them to reply and I still do not have my refund. I supplied WorldStores with my order number, collection details etc etc (which they had anyway) but still it seems an impossible to get my £150 odd back.

The last e-mail I received was 3-4 days ago telling me it was being investigated and to wait for an update. How long does it take to investigate? And why does it need to be investigated... the process has been on going for over a month now. They know the scenario, they know have had the chair returned, they know they have my money and they know they are meant to be refunding it.

At one point during the e-mail exchange [Name] (who I was speaking to at a ever so slightly quicker pace than the bog standard customer service route through his direct e-mail address) just completely stopped responding to my e-mails for a week or so.

My advice is do not buy from WorldStores the quality of the item could potentially be very poor. If you have an issue with anything too it will be a nightmare and a stressfully long process trying to rectify the issue with their slow, uninformative, vague customer service team. If it's a refund you want you may as well kiss goodbye to your money (see other non-existent refund reviews on TrustPilot for more proof of this...) for a good while because they are in no hurray whatsoever to give it back to you despite you promptly returning what is theirs back to them.

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03 December 2012

Reply from www.worldstores.co.uk

Dear David,

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your refund. I can confirm that this has been processed for you and will show in your account shortly. I will be in contact with you directly so you have an alternative point of contact should you need any further information.

Kind regards


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