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When things go wrong - they really go wrong - not hassle free delivery.

Away from home for two days, two attempts at delivery - no problem there, but thats when the fun begins. Decided to not incovenience courier any further and would collect from depot............card clearly states DPD will only make 2 delivery attempts, call 0844 number but find automated system will only allow a redelivery option. try website and find that card number when tracked states that it was delivered a month before to god knows who, so clearly not my parcel.
Waited until 08.00hrs next morning rang depot direct (got number off internet) and was told parcel was at depot but needed to ring birmingham to arrange collection. Immediately did this by 08.10 and then travelled to depot, upon arrival told that pacel had been put out for delivery again!!. I asked how this could be resoved and was told they would deliver next morning no later than 12.00hrs.

Next day at I tracked parcel which suggested it was still at depot, rang depot and yes it was at depot, but was promised it would be out immediately and be with me by 13.30. I suspect it would still be at depot if I had not rang....
At 14.00 hrs parcel was stll not here, rang depot again and told it had just left.... yeah right..... and would be with me that afternoon.
Come on guys it can't be that hard ................
What fun you will have when Christmas comes, luckily the parcel is nothing I cannot live without for a few days.
Parcel finally arrived by dedicated driver ...........thank you very much DPD, but would it have arrived without my perseverance?

30 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hey Peter,

I'm really sorry to hear that your most recent delivery saw you encounter these issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I'm glad that you now have your parcel, and that our driver was able to make partial amends.

If you ever have any questions with a future delivery, please email

Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,


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