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Green Man Gaming Ltd

Do not waste your time with this retailer, go and shop somewhere else.

I pre purchased a game with which it had an offer of another free game when you pre purchase it, and in order to play the game it listed as the 3rd party DRM being steam, so I assumed that both my purchased game and the game to come with it, considering they were the same series of game would both be for steam. I could not have been more wrong when I learnt that in order to play my "free" game in the pre purchase deal that I had to install their capsule software, which is a hassle for me and I simply want to organize my games in one place, it was not clearly stated anywhere on the original game page that capsule would be required to play the other game.

I got in touch with their customer service who simply said they cannot do anything about it because the key is already sent. The original game I pre purchased I have not even been sent the key for yet and the other game is on capsule, their so called platform to trade stuff in with, so how they cannot take and deactivate the game off their and give me a steam key at the very least is beyond me. I regret having given my money to this retailer and definitely will not be returning, an absolute waste of money and time, shop somewhere else.


Cheap, fast and excellent service!

I used these guys for the first time today and the item i bought was the cheapest I could find compared to anywhere else, i placed my order and within 10 minutes my key was ready to be collected and used. However i encountered an some issues with my account registration, so I dropped a support ticket and they got back to me within the same day and sorted the issue out. Awesome Place to buy games from, so would definitely recommend it!!


Great Service, Great Delivery, Cheap Prices, what more do you want?

I ordered far cry 3 yesterday midday and had some issues with my order, I contacted them via twitter which they responded to very fast so I was very pleased with that and the game has arrived today and I am very happy, there price was also much cheaper than other places, would definitely recommend this seller and I would buy from the again.

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