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bunch of criminals

since the bad weather the uk has suffered recently i have been having trouble recieving a signal whilst watching sky tv so i contacted sky.the operator instructed me to try a few things which did initally work but after a short while the problem came back so i contacted sky about 20 mins after the 1st call.the operator said if i wanted an engineer to come and look at the prob it would cost £65.i refused and said that i wanted to cancel my sub he then put me through to cancellations.the operator who was named dean was very vocal and overpowering.i had to ask him to stop interupting me when i was talking.i pointed out to him that i had been a sky customer for 13yrs and did'nt see why i should pay £65 for an engineer when i pay sky over £40 a month.he then said he could drop the engineer price to £15.i asked him how could 1 operator quote £65 and another quote £15.he said because cancellations is the last stage of negotiation's with a customer.i think this practice stinks and sky should be ashamed of themselves by trying to rip off people.a lot of people would pay the first price their are quoted.where i live i cant recieve virgin so i'm stuck with sky but as soon virgin is available in my area i'm off.

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never buy a game at game again

i will never shop at game again after i was lied to buy phone staff over an order of a game that i'd pre ordered and which they had taken the money for.they claimed that they'd sent it 3 times by next day delivery.each day it never came.turned out they never sent it at all.i buy all my games from amazon now.never had a problem since.bye bye game.was a loyal customer since the electronic boutique days

Overclockers UK


i purchased a Titan 8300a Immolator system for about £635 from overclockers 21/11/12.after ordering i noticed there was a discrepancy between the system introduction and the system spec regarding what graphics card was fitted.the intro stated a radeon hd7850 but the spec said radeon hd7950.i got in touch with overclockers the next day and was initally told i by the operator that it did come with a 7850 but i could be upgraded to a 7950 for a price of nearly £110 extra.i pointed out that it was'nt my fault that they had listed the wrong card and also that it was very misleading.the operator relented and upgraded me free of charge.when the system came guess what.the card fitted was a radeon 7850.also there was not lead to connect form the mains to the psu.i got in touch with overclockers who rectified the matter straight away by agreeing to send out the correct card.i sent the card back at a cost of £9.35 for which i dont think i wil be reimbursed.i recieved the replacement only to discover when i fitted the card the system did'nt power up.after a bit of tinkering with a system that is apparently built by pro's the system powered up(psu to mobo not plugged in correctly).also the card was supposed to come with 6 free games.guess games.i got in touchwith OC again to be told they will send them next day delivery.have to wait and see if they turn up.i have bought several items from OC over the last 5yrs but honestly i dont think i'd reccomend them to anyone.i know that they rectified the matter and that the operators were allways polite and helpfull but if it had'nt been the fact that i got the pc running myself i would have sent it back for a is a present for my son for xmas so i am lucky that i ordered it and sorted it out end of november and not closer to xmas.i think i'l stick to building pc's.built my 1st 1 4 yrs ago and it still runs like a dream.incidentlly i purchased all the items for that build from novatech and what is it with overclockers putting little bags of sweets in the packaging.RMA num was 229989

update.i recieved my games but check this out i had to go and pick up a padded envelope that contained the codes from a royal mail sorting office which is roughly 6 miles from where i live because i had to PAY THE POSTAGE due to overclockers not paying it themselves.cost me nearly £2 and also petrol and my time.really disappointed with overclockers.hope somone from overclockers reads this and can get in touch with myself to offer some sort of compensation.cant be bothered to phone because i dont want to waste any more of my time explaining the situation

07 December 2012

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Hello Mark,

First of all I would like to apologise for the inconveniences that have been caused.

It does seem like you have had multiple issues which is extremely unlucky and unusual to happen. - With the specification you should have received the better card and from looking at the order you do have the MSI 7950 installed.

As for refunding you for the delivery costs we can do this, I have just refunded the delivery cost on the order for the inconveniences caused, but we can also refund the amount you paid to send the card back to us.

As for the games, have you received these now? Please get in touch with myself (Steven Levitt) and I will ensure the matter is resolved.


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